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Mon July 3 2006 07:33:05

Red Sox Fan Wins Johnny Damon-eBay VeRO Battle

By: Ina Steiner

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Yankees baseball player Johnny Damon cried foul when a Red Sox fan sold baby bibs on eBay printed with the words "Damon Sucks." (Damon previously played for the Red Sox.) The baseball player's agents blocked the seller's sales, invoking the intellectual property rights to Damon's name.

The case highlights the power that eBay's VeRO program gives holders of intellectual property (IP) such as patents and trademarks. eBay allows IP holders to shut down eBay listings they claim violate their rights.

According to a Massachusetts newspaper the Standard-Times, the seller - a mother of two - worked out a compromise with Damon's agents that will allow her to resume selling the "Damon Sucks" bibs as long as she doesn't reference Johnny Damon's name in the item description (link).

Interestingly - according to the article - it is not the eBay item itself that violates Damon's IP, it's that she included his name in her description of the product.

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Perminate Link for Red Sox Fan Wins Johnny Damon-eBay VeRO Battle   Red Sox Fan Wins Johnny Damon-eBay VeRO Battle

by: Richard Chemel

Mon Jul 3 16:43:25 2006

I thought they were talking about the Damon Character from The Omen.

I once got VERO'd by the family of Cal Ripkin, because they said he never signed the photo I had up for auction- even with a COA- and a picture of him signing...
Sometimes these folks VERO'ing are power hungry....

Perminate Link for Red Sox Fan Wins Johnny Damon-eBay VeRO Battle   Red Sox Fan Wins Johnny Damon-eBay VeRO Battle

by: myner

Wed Aug 9 04:36:43 2006

Very nice site indeedā€¦Blogs are so last year, now its all about the webpages.  Isabelle Bairn  is my name.

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