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Mon May 8 2006 16:44:26

Starting an Auction Site

By: Ina Steiner

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Before anyone sends me another email about the new online-auction site they plan on launching, please read this blog post by Troutgirl (link).

Joyce talks about the cost to the entrepreneur who starts an Internet company (hardware, software, staffing,....). With an auction site, you are also dealing with buyers and sellers who are trusting you to keep their information safe from hackers, protect them from fraud. Not to mention provide customer service.

Any company that wants to start an online-auction site should recognize their obligation to members. Just because a site is low-cost or even free does not mean you should not value your customers.

If you launch a free auction site, how are you going to provide support to buyers and sellers? Sellers may not be paying you, but there is a cost to them - their time is money! Most entrepreneurs underestimate the costs and time requirements of providing even adequate customer service.

I also would add that Internet services should provide information on their website about themselves. Who are you? What did you do before launching your site? Why should we trust you with our personal information? We should be able to do a WhoIs domain search and find your name, address and phone number. We'd also like to know how you are going to drive buyers to your site!

If you don't have lots of money and commitment, don't start an auction site or service.

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Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site

by: Neil Underwood

Sun Feb 3 09:09:34 2008

I couln't agree more.  
An empty, inactive auction site is a sad thing to promote.

Nobody wants to be the first to join, regardless of the $10,000 seller bonus at signup.  100% rejection rate.

It seems that the secret to starting a successful auction site is to already have found success elsewhere.

If my name were Oprah Winfrey, and I owned don't you think the world would be visiting my site daily?

You're absolutely right.  An unknown, unrecognized individual will not succeed in promoting a new auction site, regardless of the free offers.

Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site

by: James

Thu Feb 28 10:43:17 2008

Not to call you out but you are wrong.  Going with that mentality no one would ever succeed.  The guy who started ebay was just a casual dude.  Got rich when he sold it.

Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site

by: Cheri

Mon Mar 17 08:49:08 2008

I also think your wrong about having to "be someone" first to make it in an auction site of your own. You probably don't carry any interest in online auctions. There's plenty of people who would jump for free anything.

Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site

by: KSE

Tue Mar 18 12:37:17 2008

I agree with everyone. I ran accross this website because I will be launching a acution website and my goal is to do it right. Although my site will be finish in two weeks there is alot of bugs I have to work out. Opra was not OPRA before she became OPRA .She worked hard and made every close doors a motivation for her to reach her goals. I know with the right plan and structure anything can work. Bill Gates, the Hiltons and the top 10 forbes were not born with a sliver spoon in their mouths they were once like you and I, starting with nothing and creating an empire (one day)

Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site

by: crystal lofton

Fri Apr 4 13:00:02 2008

hello just remember my name is Crystal Lofton. I want to know more about starting my own auction site. I have the money and the man/womanpower to staff it. I want to know if anyone has any information on where to start or get started... HELP

Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site

by: disgruntled ebayer

Fri Apr 4 15:26:42 2008

dear crystal,
whatever ebay is doing, DO THE OPPOSITE.

Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site


Fri Apr 11 20:05:33 2008


Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site

by: Zach

Mon Apr 28 22:16:40 2008

I think the forum is very good, Well i'm trying to start up an auction website in WEST AFRICA, i know it's going to be a very good business down here. please let me know if you'll like to work with me or provide me with good info and help. I'll really appreciate it.

I think Africa is a very large market and also very profitable.

please email me.

Starting an Auction Site   Starting an Auction Site

by: Deb M

Thu Dec 29 23:50:57 2011

I was hopeful about getting information about starting an auction site, but there's nothing here...yet.  Question...has anyone here running a successful site, and if so, any recommendations on software companies?  

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