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Wed Nov 22 2006 13:37:13

eBay Auction-Management Alternatives

By: Ina Steiner

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Mpire announced it would be discontinuing its eBay listing tools at the end of January (see AuctionBytes Newsflash article). I received an email from a reader, "I am a current, happy mpire user. Do you know of another auction listing service that has similar features as mpire, especially the auto-relist feature that raises and lowers item prices and the excellent photo hosting?"

Excellent question, and I would suggest that sellers discuss options in industry forums, such as the AuctionBytes Sites and Services forum. (It can also be helpful to go to the discussion boards of the various vendors to see what people are talking about and try to gauge the level of satisfaction among current customers.)

Andy Geldman wrote an article on how to evaluate auction-management tools - after all, every seller has different needs and wants in a software program.

AuctionBytes has a chart of tools that might be helpful in knowing what's out there. And eBay has a directory of vendors that use its API.

Good luck if you are switching tools.

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Perminate Link for eBay Auction-Management Alternatives   eBay Auction-Management Alternatives

by: Frank Ross

Fri Nov 24 17:16:09 2006

I really like Mpire, but personally I often wonder about their business model and their commitment to things.  They forged a nice niche with that mobile researcher, but they give it away and apparently that means they can't afford to support it.  That is one I would gladly pay for!  The brief time it did worked, it was heavenly being able to look up products on my cell phone whilst at trade shows and other places where no computer was available.  

Perminate Link for eBay Auction-Management Alternatives   eBay Auction-Management Alternatives

by: Randy Smythe

Mon Nov 27 13:58:58 2006

With margins on eBay getting squeezed more each year I can see why Listing Tool vendors are having a tough time. Eventually the "rule of three" comes into play. There is generally not enough room for more than 3 large vendors in any marketplace and that is no different for eBay. It’s a natural law (just kidding). Marketplace dynamics bring about consolidation of vendors until there are three major competitors, look at the Auto industry. There were 3 major US Automakers (GM, Ford, Chrysler) and soon there will be 3 major Worldwide Automakers the consolidation has already begun. My guess is one of the large vendors will make an effort to grab these Mpire customers and provide a cost effective tool for the smaller seller. I started off with Channel Advisor Pro and grew into Channel Advisor Merchant!

Perminate Link for eBay Auction-Management Alternatives   eBay Auction-Management Alternatives

by: Online-Auctions

Thu Dec 28 05:50:43 2006

the page of the online auctions management services is really helpful to find alternative solutions. Does any of them includes reverse auctions management? I'm using reverse auctions to buy at a cheaper price and resell on eBay so it would be a good idea to combine both in a software.

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