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Tue Nov 7 2006 23:17:05

eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is holding a 10-cent fixed-price listing day on Wednesday. Does not apply to auctions with BIN, btw. My friend's reaction - "an improvement, but free would be so much nicer..." I haven't typed FLD - free listing day - in a long time! Will we ever see one again in North America?

A BBC program has delved into the problem of fakes on eBay UK. Someone sent me some clips from YouTube, but I'd rather point right to the BBC site if they make it available online.

The online auction site raised some bucks for a worthy cause. "We have raised a record total of $1420.68 this year for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in this years Susan G. Komen charity auction and helped to make it the huge success that it was."

Speaking of charity auctions, David Yaskulka sent me an email about two Titanium PowerSellers who were invited to President Bush about the challenges facing small business last month. "In the wake of that visit, the two companies are announcing a campaign to help with disaster relief through eBay Giving Works. They chose this both as a response to the global/national issues discussed with the president, but also as a competitive differentiator for their businesses."

The two sellers are Designer Athletic and Rock Bottom Golf. The idea that you can help your business by helping others is something I hear a lot of these days. If you decide you want to do some charity auctions on eBay, however, either use MissionFish/Giving Works, or do your homework about requirements of charity auctions. As they say, read the fine print, before you list.

Thanks to everyone who leaves comments on the blog, much appreciated. A recent popular post was, "eBay Buyers Lose in Phish Fight" with six comments so far. I think the most popular post ever was the one pointing to the Randy Smythe interview - 20 comments (including one by me). Keep 'em coming!

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Perminate Link for eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News   eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News

by: Sarah Trent

Wed Nov 8 07:15:47 2006

With regard to the BBC1 'Watchdog' feature aired last night in the UK, I found it quite damning that eBay UK didn't see fit to supply a spokesperson to counter the claims made in the feature.

Their community announcement yesterday stated that they had cooperated fully with the researchers in the investigation, yet supplied no one to answer questions live on air.  Hmm.

Perminate Link for eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News   eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News

This user has validated their user name. by: Ina

Wed Nov 8 07:49:09 2006

Perminate Link for eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News   eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News

by: Jim

Wed Nov 8 13:16:09 2006

RE: Watchdog

'We're just a venue'.

How long is this excuse going to wash for Ebay?

The issue of fakes and scams on Ebay seems like it will never be far from the news. Ebay claim they are doing all they can to prevent them, but are they?

Firstly, Ebay have recently alienated a significant number of US, UK, Ozzie and other European sellers by the 'hide and hike' policy. However, Ebay have simultaneously pulled out the stops to try to court the potentially lucrative markets (can you blame them?) of China (who list for free), India and now Thailand. Without meaning to seem xenophobic, what are these countries infamous for? A clue:

Secondly, why is it that other auction sites can offer a much more safer trading environment? For instance, have included a 'report this item' button on all auctions (rather than go through the laborious form-filling process on Ebay). Tazbar also require that you register with a credit card.

Furthermore, Ebid have a system of logging IP addresses with a country of origin; which helps to prevent location misrepresentation. Ebid also do not allow the sale of E-books, which helps to prevent 'feedback farming'.

Why are Ebay not implementing similar measures?

If Ebay are not careful, how long will it be before we see Nike, Adidas, Sony, Playstation following in LV and Tiffany's footsteps?

Perminate Link for eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News   eBay 10-cent Fixed Price Promo and Other News

by: Jeanne Barney

Fri Nov 10 18:16:18 2006

For some reason, eBay has not notified me of EITHER of the last two promo fee events, neither in My Messages nor by e-mail. Nor have they answered my questions about WHY I've not been notified. I wonder if I'm being penalized for speaking out about the Store Fee Hikes - ??

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