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Wed Nov 1 2006 09:30:55

PayPal Explosion

By: Ina Steiner

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After watching the video news report about the explosion at the PayPal building in San Jose, I'm really thankful that no one was injured. It looks like an explosive device was left outside a door that employees use during their breaks. Imagine if a few people had been outside taking a break, I shudder to think about what might have happened.

This could have been a real tragedy. Employees are human beings, with husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Whoever is responsible for this is despicable. Violence is abhorrent, there is never an excuse.

My sympathies go out to everyone who works at PayPal and eBay. Imagine their consternation and concern today. Whatever your thoughts about the companies, they are institutions. It's people that matter, and I believe that most of the community of eBayers are truly sympathetic for what occurred Tuesday night.

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by: Scott Neuman

Wed Nov 1 17:46:48 2006

Amazing that someone hates enough to set off an explosion. Considering the amount of grief that has caused some people with their "We don't care if we keep your money for whatever reason we feel like, We're" when they close an account for made up reasons, I'm surprised something didn't happen sooner from some of the crazies on the net. Sounds like an employee that got pissed off. Glad no one was hurt though. No reason makes it right. But someone did go postal.

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by: Chris Tsakalakis

Wed Nov 1 21:08:53 2006

Ina, thank you for your sympathies and kind remarks. On behalf of the eBay employees here in San Jose, I just wanted to say I appreciate it.

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by: mustang warehouse

Thu Nov 2 10:40:34 2006

it is very scarry to say the least.  to state the obvious no one deserves to have this happen to them.  perhaps this should be a wake up call for ebay/paypal to open their eyes at their high handed policies that leave people at the mercy of their horrible policies and poor at best customer service. their business practices cost many people grief,aggrevation and money.  i have always said that one of these days they are going to screw over the wrong guy and something like this was going to happen.   thank god that no one was hurt but lets hope that they learn from this and improve their way of doing business as a monolopy.

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by: Randy Smythe

Thu Nov 2 18:09:14 2006

I've been traveling so I wasn't able to blog about this when it happened but I wanted to share my concern for eBay and PayPal employees. Employees should never have to fear for their safety.

As for the person or persons responsible for this I hope they are arrested and convicted. There is absolutely no justification for this type of behavior.

It is very fortunate that no one was hurt. I wish all eBay and PayPal employees well.

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by: Dan

Fri Nov 3 08:42:37 2006

Im Glad no one got hurt, I hope that Paypal/Ebay take this as a wake up call to treat there customers better & enforce there own policies. Also its a conflict of interest that they allow the employees to sell on Ebay Of course there not going to enforce Ebay/paypal policy on anyone else but there compitition. Ebay/paypal have gotten away with too much too long I hope & Pray that this opens the door to there fraud.

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by: Helen

Fri Nov 3 14:20:01 2006

Absolutely right Ina. There is never an excuse for this kind of outrage.

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by: Richard Chemel

Fri Nov 3 15:46:48 2006

I agree with Ina, there is no reason, and no excuse for violence like this. We run a franchised drop off store- and have received threats from unhappy buyers and sellers as well. Not to the extreme of the violence that occured in San Jose- But dealing with the public as eBay sellers- we have to be alert to any extreme behavior be it email or in person- as we are all vulnerable.  Sad..Very Sad.

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by: Marcus Hilgenga

Sun Nov 5 12:10:09 2006

0h no good deed goes unpunished as the Old Man said Paypal has been good to the world , sharing the wealth,  feeding the poor, allowing money to be shared, setting up donation buttons even cashing accounts out to charitable donations, now thats nobel. Paypal probably also fed and clothed this madman for months or even years before he shamelessly bombed their HQ.

Perminate Link for PayPal Explosion   PayPal Explosion

by: louis luyken (Ireland)

Wed Nov 15 08:36:18 2006

“We have no reason to assume it was anything other than an isolated incident,'’ Durzy  from Painpal/Ebay said.  This is nonsense!!   He/she must be really absolutely blind or an idiot or he/she is lying and knowing better .

The fact is perfectly understandable and everybody with open eyes could expect this some day because bad actions give always bad reactions.  The more aggressive, extreme and unfair the actions the more the same are the reactions.  Painpal/Ebay seeded so much intensive hate with destroying the internet business, the employment and thus the lives for millions on the internet worldwide.  It is a typical sign that this happened inside the USA!! despite all the safety hysteria there

Painpal/Ebay is meanwhile globally the most hated impossible pay processor-company abusing his dominant position with own created superfluous illegal stiff policy-rules. Painpal/Ebay made own rules/laws and terrorise the internet with that as an unfair self appointed web-sheriff.     It’s not Painpal/Ebay who is responsible making and maintaining the laws but the several governments.
In fact Painpal/Ebay ask for such actions worldwide with their unfair illegal impossible behaviour and the extremely unfriendly way they cheat and handle their own customers.

If Painpal/Ebay maintains those illegal and unfair stiff rules and policy beside the laws trying to control the market, they can wait for more of such actions worldwide.
The management of Painpal/Ebay itself is responsible for all consequences in such cases also for possible deaths.   Every idiot can understand that such is going to happen except Painpal/Ebay.
The only way to prevent more of the same is to change rapidly their own unfair policy into a fair and customer friendly behaviour instead of damaging and stealing from their accountholders/ customers.

We are only one of the ten thousands up to millions who made the failure of buying something (in our case our website) on Ebay through Painpal just for fun. This was a very expensive disaster because quickly after that we where and still are manipulated and frustrated since 1.5 years now with our whole internet business by the same Painpal/Ebay freezing our accounts due to this website we bought on Ebay.  No wonder that we don’t like them and refuse to buy more rubbish on Ebay.

But the management of Painpal/Ebay does not care for all this and for their customers after they cashed out in the last years most of their own stocks delivering tremendous cash. They cannot believe in their own unfair policy on the longer term. For sure they cannot win such a war on this way destroying their customers and with a tremendous competition coming up.  We only can hope a fair party eats those wolfs in sheep cloths or they disappear as the result of a worldwide boycott or the use of much better alternatives.

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