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Thu Oct 19 2006 08:57:50

eBay Express Priority Shifts

By: Ina Steiner

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An astute reader points out that in yesterday's conference call, Meg Whitman said eBay's priority was to get existing buyers to buy on eBay Express rather than trying to attract new users to eBay Express. I find this surprising.

The reader says, "I read the phone conference transcript.....they have now turned 180 degrees on Express and now say that they are trying to get core customers to give part of their "wallet" to EE.....which is nothing like attracting folks who don't shop .com so there's no conflict .......which helps no one in either stores or at auctions....which makes EE a competitor....what Crap."

Here's what Meg Whitman said in her opening remarks in regard to eBay Express: "During Q3 we continued to work on tailored shopping experiences that meet diverse buyer and seller needs and increase activity across Marketplaces. eBay Express, which debuted in Q2, offer buyers a great source to find new items they might otherwise search for elsewhere. Early results show eBay Express is having the intended effects. 89% of shoppers who have made a purchase on eBay Express say the experience met or exceeded their expectations. And buyers who shop both and eBay Express are spending significantly more time, and nearly 25% more money with eBay, than those who have yet to try Express."

And in response to a question about that statement, Whitman said, "With regard to eBay Express, the focus of the eBay Express marketing for the fourth quarter is going to be around our core eBay buyers and getting an increased share of wallet. What we know is that our core eBay buyers love eBay, but they do shop at other sites for new items in a more convenience-oriented format. What eBay Express, although early, has convinced us of is that they will shop on eBay if they have an opportunity to in a slightly different format. So the marketing is all around our core consumer share of wallet. We may get some new users. We have seen some new users based on the television campaign that ran in September. But priority number one, two and three is more share of wallet from our existing very loyal eBay buyers."

A big thank you to Seeking Alpha for publishing the transcript of eBay's conference call so quickly!! This is a great site to get insight about public companies here and abroad.

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Readers Comments

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: Randy Smythe

Fri Oct 20 12:55:53 2006

Once again it appears they are a "Ship Without a Rudder"  nuff said!

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: Fruit Helmet Cat

Fri Oct 20 23:49:59 2006

That's the new catch phrase, wallet. Bigger share of wallet. It's bad enough she treats sellers like crap, but now buyers are nothing more than $$$ dollar signs with wallets. Watch out for the pick pocketers of Ebay

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: violet

Sun Oct 22 12:21:37 2006

I don't see the problem.  It sounds to me like the goal is to get current eBay shoppers to also use eBay Express for purchases they would normally make on other sites, like Amazon or other online retailers.  This can only be good for eBay sellers and will give buyers another source for items in a place where they're already comfortable spending money.  As both a buyer and seller on eBay, it sounds like a good thing.

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: Lisa

Sun Oct 22 17:48:35 2006

If eBay wants to lure buyers away from Amazon, they should do what they used to do, which is offer a unique buying experience.

If they turn themselves into Amazon, there is no particular reason NOT to stay with Amazon.

Why switch loyalties, if there's no difference?

eBay has made so many foolish decisions in the name of Express, I have to wonder if ANYONE at the top has any idea what to do.

eBay heavily promoted Stores, then yanked the rug out. Then they heavily promoted the Core. Now it's Express?

The only serious competitor to Amazon in the last few years was Instead of investing in it, they ripped the guts out and left it to rot.

Now they build Express, which is nothing more than a glorified search filter with far less choice than eBay.

What the HECK are they doing?

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: chris

Tue Oct 24 03:15:59 2006

Your "astute" reader sounds paranoid. Ms. Whitman was saying that she wants to get regular Ebay buyers to spend the money on Ebay Express that they'd otherwise be spending elsewhere (Amazon, for example).

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: chris

Tue Oct 24 03:17:44 2006

Your ''astute'' reader is just paranoid. Ms. Whitman is saying that they are focusing on getting regular Ebay buyers to make purchases on Ebay Express that they would otherwise be making on other sites (like Amazon).

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

This user has validated their user name. by: Ina

Tue Oct 24 09:52:45 2006

No one is saying that eBay buyers buying more is a bad thing. But the enthusiasm for eBay Express was about the potential to bring more buyers to the site (see this January 2006 article .

The question is, why isn't EE attracting new buyers?

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: Brian Snale

Thu Oct 26 07:36:15 2006

It is very clear that eBay just want to maximise THEIR income, and will try and use any means to do so. Shop sellers were enticed with 'Build your Brand' eBay is only interested in its OWN brand.

They chop and change every few minutes it seems as they desperately try to maintain momentum. The thing is new sites like will soon be providing a better buyer experience as they are serious about dealing with scammers.

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: Helen

Thu Oct 26 10:37:50 2006

So it's all about percentage of wallet now. Surely the regular fee increases achieve the same aim without the need to dilute the brand over and over...

eBay Express Priority Shifts   eBay Express Priority Shifts

by: Sarah Trent

Thu Oct 26 17:48:33 2006

Oh dear, goods aren't exactly rushing off the shelves yet are they?  There seem to be quite a few teething problems.  See the eE forum on for more details:

of the main disputes amongst sellers is the rule concerning the posting of goods to buyers with unconfirmed Paypal accounts.  It's commercial suicide for the sellers - but nonetheless, 'tis one of the rulez.

By posting goods to unconfirmed addresses, the seller has no redress when the buyer starts an 'Item Not Received' dispute via Paypal.  This is the case even when the sellers posts by trackable means.  The sellers will always lose their money in these situations.

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