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Wed Oct 4 2006 11:40:40

What's Wrong With eBay? It's Simple Economics

By: Ina Steiner

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BuySafe founder Steve Woda has a really interesting post on his blog called "What's Wrong With eBay? It's Simple Economics." (link)

Here's as close to a behind-the-scenes look at eBay execs as you can get with this Fortune magazine article, "Building eBay 2.0." (link)

I've heard that John Donaohoe has rebuffed interviews with even top journalists, it looks like he's slowly easing into the spotlight. (What's up with "Dennis the Menace," sounds like Al "The Shredder" Dunlap??)

Speaking of corporate overhaul, the word on the street is that eBay has disbanded the entire category management team. Sure would like to know what's going on at eBay HQ. News, rumors and speculation welcome here!  

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Perminate Link for What's Wrong With eBay? It's Simple Economics   What's Wrong With eBay? It's Simple Economics

by: bonni

Tue Oct 10 09:38:38 2006

There's a fair bit of speculation that eBay means to become the world's biggest shopping portal. They're actually going to be running "sponsored" ads in competition with seller's listings (plenty of screen caps and evidence of this), for example, and now they've got a new plan to introduce listings to eBay searches... I think they want to do away with sellers entirely and just be a big, fat, shopping portal. To Meg, there's probably no difference between directing someone to JCPenney through a paid ad and directing someone to sellers through the eBay site...

Perminate Link for What's Wrong With eBay? It's Simple Economics   What's Wrong With eBay? It's Simple Economics

by: Frank Ross

Tue Oct 10 12:01:16 2006

Steve Woda compares trying to completely eradicate the fraud issue to a game of 'Whack a Mole'.  He's right in that some fraud will probably always pop up in the next hole.  But eBay is fairly lax about who can sell in that they only require a verifiable bank account and credit card.  Compare that to a venue like UBid where in order to sell, you must provide a tax id, a business license, and 3 trade references!  eBay could certainly take a bite out of fraud as well as eliminate some of the "Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich" and "Dale Earnhardt Jr. Potato Chip" listings by qualifying the sellers a bit more.  I'm not sure I agree with the previous commenter that eBay would eliminate sellers completely - after all, they're a source of revenue.  But with eBay's crazy ‘all over the board’ moves lately, who knows?

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