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Tue Jan 31 2006 23:19:05

eBay Trust & Safety

By: Ina Steiner

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Many people get upset at eBay for pulling auctions that don't actually violate eBay's policies, while listings with blatant violations are left on the site. Does eBay's Trust & Safety department follow a consistent, fair method for reviewing and enforcing eBay policy?

When you see posts like this, it makes you wonder. (link)

If you've got a mention of BidPay in your listing templates, get rid of them!

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eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: J.R. Moro

Fri Feb 3 13:26:06 2006

I don't have a problem with eBay protecting their turf as long as it is fair and honest.

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety


Tue Jun 12 16:58:10 2007



eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: albert roberts

Tue Jun 12 18:42:15 2007

how can you end a listing for circumvention of ebay fees when I have a written quote and a reciept for a recent shipment of the same item and a detailed listing of the shipping charges. I have no idea how you can just do what you want with no rules to follow. Why do the rules apply to the seller but no rules apply to ebay. The seller gets no chance to prove what the cost of shipping really is before ebay finds the seller guilty. this program really sucks for the seller when he can prove the cost but is not allowed to and provides all the information to prove his or her innocence. How do you justify this behavior ebay?

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: albert roberts

Tue Jun 12 19:06:06 2007

What type of company are we using as sellers that does not give the seller an opertunity to show all the facts for a case that would prove total innocence. No matter if you had an issue with the problem before you should not be able to be found guilty unless you are guilty. Ebay does not care about the seller. Ebay is not fair and does not no the meaning of mediation and fairness when it comes to buyer and seller. I am a believer in being fair with shipping charges but when you have been quoted a price for shipping and you charge $300.00 less than your quote have it in writting and provide it to ebay so they can check and verify I dont think ebay should have the right to call you a liar and I do plan to take this to the extreme and to whatever level I need to take it to so that ebay will not continue to call sellers liars when they have not checked the facts. I have sold a 1/2million dollars on ebay so far this year and have made some mistakes in the process and paid for all of those. This situation is a total hogwash on the lady that handled it that works for ebay by the name of Nikola that works for ebay trust and safety. I dont think decisions should be made with out an investigation before you play with a families livelyhhod. Today was a day of listing for me and I was restricted from listing for 24hours for Nikola not doing her job. I did not break a rule at all and showed proof of that in writting and gave proof by providing the freight companies information after calling over 20 companies to get the cheapest rate quote. If there was a competitor that could challenge ebay I would hop in the car and hope for fairness because I have been shown ebay's true colors and how fair that they are. To those of you looking to start an ebay business hope that in the near future that a new company comes along so that ebay can not treat people just how they feel and we as sellers will get the right to prove a case before we are shut down from making a living because ebay feels they want to do that. Good luck with your venture on ebay but ebay is not a fair trading place at all.

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: Don

Tue Jul 31 18:12:38 2007

The circumventing of Ebay fees, is a true sign that Ebay's policing policies are out of line.

I had an auction pulled and received a telephone call from Ebay, telling me I was circumventing Ebay's Fee policy. Case closed.

When it was an obvious mistake, I listed clearly the correct shipping fee in the auction, and had the mistake only in the shipping fee block list ( I had several same items listed with all the exact same shipping fee noted, all in accordance with Ebay rules.).  

In its entirety the amount I was saving, if I had this intent of circumvention...... was a quarter !  For that I received a deleted auction and a phone call reprimanding me.  When I stated, why didn't you just send me an email telling me it was wrong, change it.  I told that to the person on the phone from Ebay.  And they stated clearly, Ebay does not have time to do that.  But Ebay had time to call me on the phone and tell me, and falsely accuse me of something I never intended.

Big Brother is watching and getting much stronger, and more judgemental.  Beware !

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: Jaimie Washington

Thu Aug 23 00:33:06 2007

    One has to love the blatant hypocrisies which exist on this site. Just check out one of Ebay's Biggest And Brightest Stars..a little company / user name who goes by "edmwholesalers" (SARCASTIC)
    I guess there making fortune off all those penny / $0.99 listing and not making a dime off of over inflated S/H costs. However are they really to blame or is Ebay to blame, after all EDMS marketing costs would probably Skyrocket if they charged market value for their merchandise. So next time one of your listings gets pulled by an over zealous   Trust And Safety Rep with an ax to grind trying to play god with both you and your families livelihhod for "Circumventing Ebay Fees", just remember Good Ol EDMWHOLESALERS, who is proudly listed on Ebay Nortica 500...this garbage has got to stop! Either you make the playing field level, and enforce the rules all across the board or you do away with them all together. I think it's fair to assume we sellers have all had enough of Idiotic Trust And Saftey Reps who don't know a dam thing about running a business being paid $10.00 HR screwing with our livelihood.

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: Holly

Tue Nov 20 14:38:03 2007

What really annoys me are the sellers who charge something like $0.99 for an item and then charge $20 for shipping! Clearly they're stuffing profit into S/H. On top of that, EBAY HARDLY PAYS ANY ATTENTION TO THESE LISTINGS!! I see them all the time, tons of sellers do this and they don't get reprimanded.

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: John

Sat Dec 8 11:16:17 2007

I've been restricted for over a week now.  They responded to me and told me they linked my seller account to a six year old account that had fees not paid (OK, my fault) but when I finally got a reply from them--4 days after I contacted them about the restriction they told me to pay the fees, I did that within 20 minutes of their email and replied back stating I took care of it.  It's been 4 days now since I've heard back...not a word....I have about $15,000 in merchandise specifically purchased for holiday shopping season which I am going to miss would think you could hire an attorney to recoup some of your losses as the result of poor customer care and not following their own terms of service.

I wish I could get a hold of that John McDonald's email address or home phone number...and tell him what incompetents he has working for him.

It makes NO sense to allocate resources of a trust and safety team to chasing good sellers who pay fees.  I'm paying fees so they can protect me from fraudsters which they do a TERRIBLE job at--takes them two days to deactivate fraudsters after reporting because they are too busy harassing good sellers.

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: Hayk

Tue May 27 06:55:26 2008

Please can somen tell me if the trust and safety departement accept all my documents and verifie my account why they suspend it second time??? aND NOW I AM WRITING ALREADY 10 DAYS THEY DON'T ANSWER ANYMORE..I HAS INVEST 200.000 EURO ON EBAY FOR SELLING NOW I AM LOSING EVERYTHING..

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: ForemostSales

Thu Jun 12 09:32:10 2008

Dear Sir or Maam,

We need this suituation to be handled by a person. So far we have only received canned responses that are irrelevent to our suituation. Our account has been suspended for close to a month now and we have taken all the steps perscribed to reinstate our account. Your responses so far are irrelevant to our suituation.

Please read the below explination of the suitation!

Please let me explain the suituation again. This account was set up in 1999
by a representative of Foremost Sales, a division of UPS, Don Tiedeken.
When it asked for a first and last name he entered his and entered the
companie's store address. That is why he sent a copy of his company ID and an
invoice for Foremost Sales.

We need to know which (if any) of the documents you accepted and which
one you still need. An explination was included with the Fax as to what was
included and why. Since the address listed is for the company Foremost
Sales and is not a residence there are no documents with Don's name and the
company address on it. Please respond, a form letter is not sufficient
for this suituation.

The documents we have sent so far verify that our account is valid and not fraudulent. Please explain why you would need anything else and what exactly you need. As explained there is no information with the name on the account and the address. The name is for a representative of Foremost Sales and the address is for the company.

Please respond!!


Foremost Sales

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: LOL@foremost

Thu Jun 12 10:33:36 2008

The explination is that the perscribed solution for your suituation is that a major business that is a division of UPS should be able to afford a spell checker and to contact eBay and not auctionbytes

PS why is the user name foremostsales mostly a buyer that started in 2004?

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: Liza

Thu Sep 25 11:36:33 2008

I had to close my business for three months to care for a dieing family member..I refunded and notified all customers and still got 4 neg feedbacks that I was not answering my phones or emails..when I clearly notified everyone...and refunded boot the thousands of dollars that paypal stole by just giving my merchandise and money away because of their rediculous dispute policies..And now with ebays new feedback system I cannot state my case..Now my account is restricted and cannot sell indefinitely as Ebay so nicely put it..not listening or looking at one peice of evidence i presented..I swear there is not a human at ebays trust and safety dept cause all i get are canned responses.  What a joke.  You cant win.  Its like Hitler is running that company.  What company that prides themselves on customer service does not allow their customers to call into get help..and the live help chat...what a joke..provides not help what so ever..that have no authority to fart let alone do anything substantial..they cant even put you in contact with someone who can

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: Edward morrison

Thu Oct 2 13:04:27 2008

I am writing because i have a problem with someone i bought two items off through and paid for straight away through paypal with insurance on the 23th july. The first item i bought was a yamaha yzf 600r carbon fiber triple yoke cover for 22 Euro and ignition cover that comes with it for 5 Euro which i got ITEM NO:380025814995. The second item i bought was a yamaha yzf 600r carbon fiber Large gauge cover for 42 Euro ITEM NO:380047508865. It was 5 Euro S+H which came to 74Euro which was paid that second throught paypal with insurance. I recieved them in a few weeks and the triple yoke cover and ignition cover looked and fitted fine, then tried to fit the 42 Euro Large gauge cover and to make a long story short bottom part did not fit around th neutral,petrol,oil high beam lights etc and was hanging out at the bottom. I sent an E-mail explaining the problem just for his eyes no ones else to tell him he had a problem with one of his parts witch he might want to have a look at and no reply, another E-mail next week no reply. I said in the E-mail that i will leave positive feedback for both items saying both items wher great  A+ without mentioning anything about the fitting problems with the gauge cover as i wanted positive feedback off him. I waited for my feedback and never got any, i sent a few E-mails with no reply, i still have all E-mails i sent and E-mails he sent. At that time i didn,t know he was stalling me so i could not get a refund as i am new to EBAY and didn,t know all the ins and outs of refund, problems Etc. I said i would have to report him and he answerd on the 9th of september writing a long letter explaining what he had to do all day and had no time for anything else which answered none of the questions i had asked him like faulty part and feedback, another stalling tactic which i didn,t know at the time. I wrote another E-mail asking the same sort of questions saying the letter you wrot tok several times longer than it would have to leave feedback or explain a few things, no reply. I left two positive feedback with great explnations saying nothing about faulty parts and said in an E-mail i would forget about the 42 Euro gauge cover (item no above)if i recievad feedback as i did everything perfect. I eventually an answer twice about why he could not leave feedback for me and he said the message said we are unable to leave feedback for either transaction made because (a)item numbers are not found because they do noy exist which they do or (b)feedback has allready been left which he swears he left no feedback because he cannot in the last two letters he left for me. The person i bought the items off is Kevan Sencio E-mail address is ( He had the same answer for a friend of mine who did everything perfect and left positive feedback for him and his answer about the feedback was saying he can,t leave it because, and gave the same answer he gave me. I want something done about this and explanations on the item a gauge cover whichhe ner said anything about no matter how many times i asked him and about his problem with feedback. i think he might have stalled me long enough so he would not have to give a refund,and the item in question is still for sale on his site. The Item NOS again are for the triple yoke cover:380025814995. and for the gauge cover :380047508865. I,ve looked around his feedback for people and left for people and it doen,t add up. Can you get me some answers please. Thank you  

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: amber

Tue Oct 7 17:13:13 2008

I was blocked and suspended by ebay because they say I am linked to a banned account. The fact is my ex husband of 20 mnths is blocked, so they say, I was banned and blocked with out any questions being asked. I have divorced papers showing we are not CONNECTED but did I get an opportunity to defend my self? NO!!! With my 100% rating and 38 feedbacks I would say I am not the one at fault. The real problem is not my supposed link its the fact I stood up to a POWERSELLER even after his threatening e-mails and me fixing my listings. So why can't I get a response? 3 Days and nothing.... What kind of company is this? Well just so you know I do not live in NY or L A but my local TV station here in Memphis, TN is intrested in my story on how corporate America takes advantage of single mothers trying to make an honest living. So stay tune as when my story runs it will go from the news to UTUBE.  

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: Edward morrison

Wed Oct 8 10:09:47 2008

Did you get my letter on thursday, october the 2nd or did isend it to the wrong place can you tell me if you recieved it

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: Edward morrison

Wed Oct 8 10:15:29 2008

If i sent this letter to the wrong place can you send it to the right place or tell me where to send it? Thanks. Please write back to let me know

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: r.d.

Fri Nov 7 19:56:15 2008

The live support is utterly useless. Unless you need a link to one their pages don't even bother with them.Because that is all they seem to offer.Currently I am having a problem with two sellers from China selling  paintings which were done by me. The two fakers are art-yunlai and popstarbbc-xm. When I reported this to the braindead at trust and safety I received a response that the images are stock images therefore the sellers are not in violation. A few years ago I won an art contest and the winning entries were posted online by the organization hosting the competition. It's the organizations website. The works are grouped by years. So if one goes to 2005, 2003 etc, you will see all the winning enries from that year. The page is clearly marked by the year atop of the page. I submit this info to ebay, provide them the link to the exact page which also is listed in the item description all of my auctions. Plus my seller name and artist name used for this contest are the same. Ebay still determines that the works belong to the Chinese. How dumb are these people? I have to wonder does anyone there have a fully developed frontal lobe. Another point is while speaking to one of the customer support drones I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. That was a mistake. One would figure a supervisor would have the authority  and power to do things a customer service rep can't do. Well not in ebayland. The supervisor can do nothing. I don't even believe there are any. All they do is read from their script and can "escalate" a situation or suggest writing again to Trust and Safety. I could do that on my own. It seems all ebay cares about is getting their money. If sellers have  problem well screw 'em seems to be the attitude.

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: msminister

Wed May 13 11:54:39 2009

I desperately need help!  I purchased a vehicle and it was never delivered.  I have all the emails and my receipts from moneygram.  I borrowed the money from the credit union and I have to pay it back but I received no merchandise.  I need to know if Michael Movec works in this department.  I was also in contact via email with a John Molt.  I was told the car was in Clinton, Indiana but Moneygram said money was picked up in Jupiter, Florida.  Help!  I need the money or the car

(313) 459-5586 Ipaid 2000 for a 2002 Honda it was suppose to be for my college son.

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: rex odom

Thu Mar 4 19:40:32 2010

I'am not a bad person,Yes, I did have a
item strike ( not one-more than one )
this took place 6 mo. ago.I cant belive
this, I've tryed every month to do what
ever it takes to clear this matter up.
do you think that we should bring up
our children this way. six months to get there attinsion,wake them up so
this never happened. sure if it wakes
them up if not it's six months of
your time-what for-Oh well. we should
know better we are all alike.
ebay say's this is the way I'ts going
to be and that's the way-like it or get
out! after six months they tell me to
kiss m__A__? How do I get back on ebay
again to buy and sell,have a little
fun meet friends,spend money,cuss my
self for not getting in that deal.
Who cares_it was_fun. SO here I set
still on restriction as seven months
Thank You

eBay Trust & Safety   eBay Trust & Safety

by: sabahudin

Mon Nov 8 22:23:09 2010

hy i sold a item an september 1 and i send at to late to the buyer now the ebay wont the mony back but the buyer have recevde the item post office tracking lable #1307239000016691 and i calld post office and the sade the item hase been deliverd how can i fix the problem

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