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Fri Jan 13 2006 11:21:11

Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show

By: Ina Steiner

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Judith Katz-Schwartz is the Antiques and Collectibles expert for the Montel Williams Show. She is looking for people with an interesting item to come on the show - the taping takes place on February 2nd. She said if the show producers choose you to participate, it means an all expenses paid trip to New York City.

If you have an item that you suspect is very valuable, email Judith ASAP and provide the following information:





Judith says:

Please be specific about your item. Don't write something like, "I have a whole doll collection", or "I have a doll." It would be better to say "I have a 23 inch doll marked 'AM' with the original clothing and accessories." I you have a photo you can attach to your email, that's a big plus. If the producers think you'd be good for the show, they'll call you and ask you some more questions.

Email Judith at newsletter at msjudith dot net (I've formatted the email address so the email-harvesters won't pick up Judith's email address, you'll have to format it when sending her an email).

Judith is a very knowledgeable AND funny woman, your'e bound to have a great time if you are selected. Oh, and tell her you heard about it in Ina's blog.

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Perminate Link for Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show   Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show

by: john mcbride

Wed Jun 6 19:53:04 2007

montel, i am a poor, retired private investigator that has written a book on an unsolved murder in auburn, ny.

a young man by ythe name of thomas bianco was convicted for the murder and kidnapping of julie monson in 1981.
bianco was jailed for seven years before before i gathered enough evidence to free him. he was convicted
because a prosecutor misled the court by presenting testimony that was perjured through his coercive tactics
and called a liar and cheat by a new york supreme court justice that hear bianco's evidentiary hearing.

my purpose in writing you is for posible help in getting my book published. during the course of my investigation, i was able to identify
an individual that had the motive, opportunity and means to kill julie.
i have mailed copies of my reports and my book to the current district attorney of cayuga county, james vargason, and he has advised the media, he has never received them.
this an out and out lie because i emailed the book and it was received.

i believe the residents of central new york have a right to hear what jurors
never heard. not what a lame duck district attorney professes.

yous truly,

john mcbride
821 e brighton ave.
syracuse, ny 13295

ps: i know this is the wrong way to contact you  but the only way i could find.

Perminate Link for Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show   Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show

by: christina

Sat Jul 28 18:23:43 2007

hi my name is Christina McBride. I am 22 years old. As of July 29... I am writing because I need help with something. I need help from anyone who is willing, the problem is I don't have alot of money. My brother is 26 years old and has two children. His 1st daughter was with a woman named Melissa. He was with Melissa for about 7 years. As soon as he left her and started another relationship with another woman things got too bad. When his daughter graduated pre-school on May 10 Melissa took her from the graduation and no one has heard or seen her since. My brother was living in Ohio when his daughter was born so he never signed the birth certificate. He can not do a missing person's because she is with her mother. We know he made that mistake by not getting on the birth certificate, but any help would be appriciated. My brother is a strong person and I have never seen him as depressed as he is now. I have tried to call her. I have tried to text her. She won't reply to anything. no one has heard from Kaytely (his daughter) We miss her and all we want is for her to come home. PLEASE HELP US. PLEASE CONTACT ME. I have not heard from my niece since May 10, 2007 and it is already almost Aug 1. Someone please help.

Perminate Link for Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show   Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show

by: Senait Dimitri

Sat Apr 4 14:03:20 2009

watching Montel Williams on Oprah show hearing his suffering all this years, I say it's for the best, I belive his suffering is given to him, he can stop it, I will tell him if he believes in God, , I did not know any other way to contact him other than this message, please do call me on this cell number 00251911225688

Perminate Link for Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show   Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show

by: To Ina

Fri Aug 21 06:49:39 2009

Would you please delete these phoney sob stories above? Of course they have nothing to do with collecting, ebay, or anything related on your site.

Perminate Link for Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show   Collectors: A Chance to Be on Montel Williams Show

by: Heather

Sun Jan 16 11:53:32 2011

Dear Montel,
My name is Heather, Im 21 years old. I was born in Indianapolis Indiana, and I have gone through 4 open heart surgeries. My first one was at 2 hrs born, 2nd at 29 days old, and 3rd was at 2 yrs old. My 4rth was when I was 14 years old and my 5th is coming here shortly and Im scared cause I have a 10 month old son and I have been announced dead to my family more than once as a baby. Im wanting to find the woman who saved my life. The story is, I was having my surgery as a baby in Riley Hospital with the Surgeon Dr. Brown. I was told by everyone in my family that he came out to announce the Time of Death to my family, having them all in tears. Well this lady ( all I know is her name is Lori, the nurse at the time) ran out saying '' SHES ALIVE, SHES ALIVE, I SAVED HER SHES ALIVE'' She shoved a pace maker in my side and got my heart pumping again. Therefore she had her nursing lisences stripped from her. If it wernt for her, I wouldnt be alive to this day. I'm determind to find this woman and meet her. I have a scar down my chest and under my arm, and two insusions on my ribs. Everytime Im naked, I see those scars on my side, and all I can do is think about this wonderful woman, For her Im in medical books in Riley Hospital. Please HELP me find her. Help me meet her. This show is the only last resualt I can think of, and I need to meet the woman who gave me a second chance in life. Turns out this same surgeon couple years ago, was doing surgey on a little girl, and pierced straight through her heart at the same hospital. I dont know if he still has his lisences to this day or not, I can careless. But I know this woman I know by the name of Lori, DIDNT NOT deserve her lisences taken away, infact she deserved to go back to school for her PHD cause shes obvioulsy a better doctor than Dr Brown!!!!!
Yours Truly,
Heather M. Kendall ( Rowe )

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