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Mon Dec 26 2005 20:26:19

eBay 10-Cent Listing Day

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay Post-Christmas promotion 

eBay repeated its 2004 holiday promotion, announcing Monday evening a 10-cent listing day on December 27, 2005 - see details (link).

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eBay 10-Cent Listing Day   eBay 10-Cent Listing Day

by: Tony

Tue Dec 27 00:04:38 2005

Received eBay's official notice of the 10 cent sale about an hour after your newsletter hit my inbox. I noticed that you reported the UK 5 pence listing sale for NEXT Thursday. Would it really kill eBay to give US sellers more than a few hours notice of a listing sale? Why does UK get a 3 day lead and US sellers less than a day's notice?

eBay 10-Cent Listing Day   eBay 10-Cent Listing Day

by: Richard Chemel

Tue Dec 27 17:44:52 2005

Ebay needs a top notch marketing or ad agency.  Brought to you by Skype- what a crock. Who for a second would believe that.
That is almost as good as Andale giving 1 ipod Nano away per week to one of their customers.
Give me a break- as John Stossel would say

eBay 10-Cent Listing Day   eBay 10-Cent Listing Day

by: Ina Steiner

Wed Dec 28 23:30:42 2005

It would be very nice to have some lead time to prepare!

Perhaps eBay figures sellers would hold off on listing items til the promo day if they announced it days in advance. (I don't agree.)

And perhaps a bit of fear that their servers couldn't take the hit if more people knew about it and had time to prepare? In the UK, there just aren't as many items that would be listed on a promo day as in the U.S.

Thanks for the comments, it's nice to know you're out there.

eBay 10-Cent Listing Day   eBay 10-Cent Listing Day

by: Nancy

Fri Dec 30 11:03:23 2005

Two days prior notice would be nice. Other sites give a seller a couple of days to prepare. I got my notice 4 hours before the beginning time and was up all night.

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