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Fri Dec 16 2005 09:45:17

Will eBay Have to Add VeRO Staff?

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay completed its pilot program and has launched a digital download program, allowing any member to sell eBooks, songs, movies, images - anything in digital format. Given the concern over copyright, you have to wonder if they aren't opening up a can of worms.

Copyright owners complain to eBay via its VeRO program (Verified Rights Owner). If they sign an affidavit that they own Intellectual Property, they must merely send an email to eBay's VeRO staff reporting violators to get listings removed. I'll be watching this area closely. Can be great for content publishers who want to sell on eBay, but a bit hairy if others abuse the system.

Here's my article announcing the new Digital Download program (link).

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Perminate Link for Will eBay Have to Add VeRO Staff?   Will eBay Have to Add VeRO Staff?

by: Richard Chemel

Fri Dec 16 19:21:37 2005

Ina, DRM is such a abyss right now- Ebay will have major problems, I know of master catalogs of over 10,000 songs available for sale on a non-exclusive basis.  They are jumping off the deep end with this.

Perminate Link for Will eBay Have to Add VeRO Staff?   Will eBay Have to Add VeRO Staff?

by: Stew Langille

Sat Dec 17 15:08:53 2005

Hi Ina,

I believe that eBay is forced to enter into this segment. The ebook industry is finally picking up, aided with the introduction of better readers and more available content. Being in the online payments space, I know a number of merchant providers and investors who are gaining a bigger appetite for the downloadable products segment. Another driver of this is the availability of higher speed Internet connections in developing countries. Locations such as Ukraine, Romania, and Pakistan are chalked full of developers ready to sell code to various open source projects. Developers here in the US often find it easier to purchase code from a contact in a developing country then to do it themselves. Call it outsourcing on a micro level maybe?

My main point is that eBay needs to call to its " eBay and PayPal developer network" to come up with the solutions to selling digital goods on eBay. If they do not, they risk losing share in this growing market to Overstock, Craigslist, and the growing number of marketplace sites.


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