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Wed May 24 2023 13:35:28

Etsy Sellers Report Missing Pages, Harming Visibility

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy sellers say pages of their paid listings were not showing on the marketplace - one reader explained that pages "jump from 2 to 6 and show 10 out of 8.. odd stuff like that" - something they feared cut into their sales.

Another reader reported the problem on Ecommerce EKG, explaining that "Etsy sellers are reporting that multiple pages are missing from their shops when using both the Etsy app and while using a browser. No response from Etsy regarding fix. This has been going on for at least a week or more."

Another Etsy seller pointed us to a thread about the problem on the Etsy discussion boards that began on Monday:

"62 Listings Pages are MISSING! For all the shops with slow sales - THIS MIGHT BE THE REASON WHY" (posted by LittleGemGirl)
"I had no idea this was happening until I checked the forums this morning - so please check your shops!  It seems to be ok on desktop, but check on mobile devices (not using the Etsy app).  On your homepage scroll down to go to the next page of your listings.  We have 73 pages of listings.  You may find, like us and many others, that pages start skipping.  For example: Page 1, 2, 3 (skips 4), 5, (skips 6), 7 (skips 8, 9), 10 (skips 11, 12, 13), 14 (skips 15-18), 19 (skips 20 - 25), 26 (skips 27 - 34) 35 (skips 35 - 46), 47 (skips 48 - 62) and then no more show after this and the numbers start counting down backwards showing "page 85 of 73", "page 97 of 73"...and so on

"This means that out of 73 pages only 11 pages or our listings are showing!

"I've reported to Etsy support and they are forwarding to Technical Support.  How many of you are seeing the same thing in your shops? Remember, check Etsy on mobile - NOT using the Etsy app."

One seller replied that the issue had been going on for 2 weeks or more - "We are paying for every single listing but most of them are not being seen by customers," they wrote.

The frustration was palpable in the comments, not only because of the glitch, but also because there was no acknowledgement from Etsy. "Same thing! 49 listings missing. Had family also search our shop as if they are buying and same thing," a seller wrote. "Our top selling item doesn't exist anywhere either. For weeks we could not understand why everything just stopped. No favorites, no messages, no sales. One of our newest listings is nowhere to be found with our top seller item.  When we chatted with support, they said Uninstall..then reinstall app..I tried explaining, how on earth will customers know to do this. They don't know our top selling items are missing. People can't buy what they don't see..We pay to list, we pay for ads and 49 items gone..I hope this gets fixed sooner than later."

Sellers began reporting the problem appeared fixed on Tuesday but many wondered how long they had missed out on full visibility, believing Etsy wasn't aware of the problem until a seller posted the thread on Monday.

Given the fact sellers believed they didn't get visibility they had paid for, it wasn't surprising that one seller wrote, "Waiting for free listing credits."

The Etsy status page shows no incidents this week, whether because it never had or because it erases problems once they're resolved, it's not clear. Etsy has yet to respond to our inquiry about the reported glitch this morning.

Update 5/24/2023: Without explaining the cause of the glitch, an Etsy spokesperson referred us to a post on the Etsy Technical Issues board that outlined the problem and saying it had been resolved:

"We recently experienced an issue that limited the total amount of listings displayed on mobile web when clicking through shops with more than 3 pages of listings for a short time. Our engineers were able to identify and resolve this issue yesterday afternoon, May 23rd. All impacted shops are now showing every page of listings at this time."

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Readers Comments

Perminate Link for Etsy Sellers Report Missing Pages, Harming Visibility   Etsy Sellers Report Missing Pages, Harming Visibility

by: LDWCallsOut This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 24 14:45:17 2023

I've been occasionally seeing missing listings in shops for a couple of years now.  (I am using a desktop computer.)  Sometimes you have to click on a lot of links to a shop to get all the listings to show, but once all listings are visible, they stay visible.   Maybe some kind of caching problem?  

I've seen this happen with shops that have a dozen pages of active listings, as well as in shops that have fewer than 10 active listings.  There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it, or any way to predict which shops will be impacted.

Perminate Link for Etsy Sellers Report Missing Pages, Harming Visibility   Etsy Sellers Report Missing Pages, Harming Visibility

by: Fruitylovesyou This user has validated their user name.

Fri May 26 00:19:17 2023

Etsy bot: wow it works, lets crank it to level 8!

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