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Thu May 18 2023 23:08:49

Amazon Asks Sellers to Re-verify Accounts AGAIN

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon sellers who re-verified their accounts in late April were asked this week to re-verify their accounts for a second time, but it appears the request was issued in error, possibly due to a technical glitch.

Amazon's requirement that sellers re-verify their accounts is likely due to the new law called the INFORM Consumers Act that takes effect in the US on June 27, 2023, which the company referenced in an announcement on May 10th.

This week on several threads on the Amazon discussion boards, many sellers described their frustration that Amazon was requiring them to again re-verify their accounts just 2 weeks after already completing the process.

Several Amazon moderators responded, acknowledging the issue.

On a thread titled, "Why am I being asked to re-verify my account....AGAIN?" that was started on Monday (May 15), a moderator responded on Wednesday apologizing for the frustration and writing, "This unfortunately seems to be a new issue that has risen during the reverification process. If you have already confirmed your reverification went through, you should be alright."

The moderator said the seller verification team was working on a fix.

In another thread titled, "Seller Re-Verification - Additional Information Required," also started on Monday, a moderator replied the same day that Amazon was aware of some issues with re-verification and recommended sellers create a case to Seller Support.

The following day (Tuesday), another moderator responded on the same thread, stating: "This unfortunately seems to be a new issue that has risen during the reverification process" and wrote, "If you have already confirmed your reverification went through, you should be alright. I have raised the issue to the seller verification team already and they are working on a fix as we speak.

moderator responded similarly on a thread also started on Monday titled, "Amazon Re-verification for a 2ND time."

The issue was concerning to sellers over fears their activity could be suspended, like a seller who said they verified their account on May 8th and when they clicked on the banner on Monday that said they needed to re-verify again, it said Amazon needed more information - but did not say what information it needed.

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