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Fri July 3 2020 12:58:17

Etsy Lets Sellers Opt Out of Offsite Ads in July

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy sellers are reporting they are able to opt out of Offsite Ads this month, but for a surprising reason: calls for a Facebook-advertising boycott called the "Stop hate for profit" campaign. 

It was more than a request for Etsy itself to stop its own advertising. Sellers began pressuring Etsy to stop charging them for ads it was running on Facebook on sellers' behalf. 

Stop hate for profit is a campaign started by organizations that say Facebook isn't doing enough to combat hate speech, conspiracy theories, and misinformation. The campaign organizers published a concrete list of recommended next steps for Facebook on the website.

Prominent Etsy expert Cindy Lou of tweeted last week about the issue, asking why Etsy was "forcing their sellers to pay high offsite ads fees to sites that stoke hate?"

On July 1, some sellers said they were able to turn off Offsite Ads, and Cindy Lou set up a page on Tumblr with more information. 

"Since a lot of people hate paying the fees for those ads, many sellers seem interested in joining the boycott," she told EcommerceBytes.

That's a reference to the fact that Offsite Ads are mandatory for many sellers (those who generate over $10,000 in sales/year). Sellers have no control over the sites on which their ads may appear, and the Facebook ad boycott campaign shows one reason why that's problematic for sellers.

We couldn't find an announcement of the temporary policy on the Etsy website, and the company has not responded to our inquiry.

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Perminate Link for Etsy Lets Sellers Opt Out of Offsite Ads in July   Etsy Lets Sellers Opt Out of Offsite Ads in July

This user has validated their user name. by: Life During Wartime

Thu Jul 9 12:20:24 2020

At this point, FB has not given any indication that they are changing their practices or policies.

I think Etsy should offer their sellers an indefinite opt out option IF THEY CAN PROVE TO ETSY THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.  I've never had one, so it is quite possible -- even easy -- to live without one.  Facebook makes money off of all users, not just businesses.  So if you have an account, you are saying that you're okay with their policies and welcome them to own a piece of you.

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