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Thu Dec 31 2020 21:58:55

Amazon Double Standard for Late-Delivery Claims?

By: Ina Steiner

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Many sellers are concerned about how marketplaces are handling Item Not Received (INR) claims from buyers caused by late deliveries due to the holiday-shipping logjam. They worry about what happens if the marketplace refunds the buyer, but then the item arrives - that means the buyer gets their money back *and* they receive the item.

It turns out Amazon has a beautiful solution to handle such situations for its own first-party sales, but sellers said the company doesn't appear to be applying the same solution to its marketplace sellers.

One seller shared their experience on a discussion board thread. They had ordered an item, filed a claim when it didn't arrive and received a refund, but then the item showed up. The seller pasted the message Amazon sent them:

Hello (redacted),
We delivered your package on Sat, Dec 26. We issued a refund on Fri, Dec 18 per your request. Please send the item back using the return label to avoid being charged.

If you have already sent the item back, you can disregard this message.

(Print return label and instructions)
(View returns & refund status)

Send by: Fri, Mar 12
Return ship method: PackageLess-UPSDropOff

In the discussion thread, the seller explained:

"As a buyer I claimed INR and was refunded. Item finally showed up and Amazon sent me that email saying to return item or they will re-charge me for it. I'm fine with that.

"As a seller - buyers are being refunded by filing INR for items shipped but delayed in transit due to COVID and record Holiday shipping by all delivery services. Amazon is refunding them from our account (regardless if we use Amazon shipping) and dinging our metrics.

"When item does finally arrive, we are not permitted to make the buyer return item or we will re-charge as Amazon is doing, and if we appeal the A-Z receive a denial stating A-Z also covers timely deliveries."

One seller pointed out that Amazon is currently under the microscope with Congressional investigations. "This kind of double standard does not bode well for Amazon," the seller wrote.

They went on to say, "Honestly, what is the downside for Amazon to extend this service to 3rd party sellers and charge a few extra dollars and freight to get the item back, if the 3rd party seller wants the item back?"

Another seller described a situation in which their buyer *wanted* to return the refund after their item arrived, but the Amazon customer service rep allegedly insisted that the buyer "keep the item or dispose it. You don't need to return the item."

Sellers are also worrying about how eBay and Etsy are handling (or will handle) such situations. Please let us know what you're experiencing.

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Perminate Link for Amazon Double Standard for Late-Delivery Claims?   Amazon Double Standard for Late-Delivery Claims?

by: shut1968 This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 1 12:20:44 2021

Amazon took a massive dump on all small sellers this year.. something like this just proves it even more.

There are multiple threads started daily in the forums from sellers calling out to them for help because of the USPS fiasco this season (in my opinion USPS should be forced to send back all the extra money they took for their jacked up holiday rates because they didn't provide the timely service that was paid for)
Amazon, as I said.. this just proves Amazon doesn't give a crap about third party sellers.. they have said absolutely nothing about the delays and issues this year, we are getting 15 - 30 messages a day from customers wanting a refund because Amazon has told them to request one.. their tracking system isnt even updating when a package has scanned in at their local post office,, when they try to track their package they just get a message from Amazon telling them their package is lost request a refund.. even though in many cases it scanned in earlier that day at their local office and was out for delivery.
All Amazon has cared about this year is the bottom line of the 4th quarter report for shareholders... nothing more.  They can claim huge dominance in online sales but leave out the millions of dollars in refunds being handed out at the expense of small sellers.   The fact this has been going on for over a month without a peep from them proves it.. their should be lawsuits.. multiple multiple lawsuits brought against them for it... ESPECIALLY if they are going back and charging peoples cards that have been refunded and not doing anything for small sellers who were hit hardest by this.

Perminate Link for Amazon Double Standard for Late-Delivery Claims?   Amazon Double Standard for Late-Delivery Claims?

by: mjr55 This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jan 2 02:04:26 2021

Massive dumps on small sellers this year? Apparently you haven't been around long. They've been taking massive dumps on sellers for 7-8 years now......

Perminate Link for Amazon Double Standard for Late-Delivery Claims?   Amazon Double Standard for Late-Delivery Claims?

by: shut1968 This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jan 2 23:48:47 2021

Yes I know,, this however is by far the worst

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