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Fri Dec 18 2020 22:17:10

Amazon Seller Sees Worst of Both Worlds with Delays

By: Ina Steiner

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Not only are online orders arriving late, but sellers report scanning has become erratic. Some are begging marketplaces to advertise more realistic delivery dates, but one reader says not so fast!

"Amazon has added several days to estimated arrival dates on listings and has given no notice to sellers," the reader wrote. "I noticed and called and they admitted to it."

Why does he object when so many other sellers actually want marketplaces to extend estimated delivery dates? Because Amazon is displaying his offers with delivery well after Christmas, which is having a negative impact on his sales, he said. 

"With 1-day handling and 2-4 days shipping time, how can earliest arrival date be 12/30," he wrote. 

He said his Chinese rivals offer items cheaper, with delivery delays; "If my item shows similar delays, I will sell nothing as my price is higher!"

His is not the typical complaint from online sellers dealing with shipping gridlock. A seller on the Amazon discussion board pointed out that customers are now requesting refunds on orders they have yet to receive due to the shipping delays. 

As a result, he changed all his remaining in-stock items to 5-8 delivery so they read as "likely won't arrive before Christmas." He and others say Amazon is displaying worrisome messages to buyers. "I'm just wanting Amazon to step up and stop notifying customers that their orders are lost, they are not lost, they are stuck in trailers, containers and hubs, they will arrive, just not when expected."

One of his colleagues showed a screenshot of a message Amazon is reportedly displaying customers impacted by delays. It reads: 

"Your package may be lost. We're very sorry your delivery is so late. Although it may still arrive, you can request a refund now," with a link to "Contact seller."
The EcommerceBytes reader who wrote to us about Amazon extending estimated arrival dates wrote back and said he noticed a discrepancy on a sale he had just made.

On his private Amazon seller dashboard it states, "Ship by date: Dec 19, 2020. Deliver by date: Dec 22, 2020 -  Dec 24, 2020."

But on the public-facing listing it states: "Arrives Dec 30 - Jan 4. Arrives after Christmas."

"So basically, I am being held by Amazon to a tight timeline, but on the public website Amazon is showing a very extended time (thus making me no better than the Chinese sellers who give the product away)."

Amazon sellers are not alone in their concerns about marketplaces refunding buyers for delayed packages. eBay and Etsy sellers worry buyers may get their money back and keep their item once it finally arrives from the carrier. One seller advised colleagues to let such buyers know they would be reporting them for mail fraud to deter such behavior.

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Perminate Link for Amazon Seller Sees Worst of Both Worlds with Delays   Amazon Seller Sees Worst of Both Worlds with Delays

This user has validated their user name. by: Marie

Mon Dec 21 02:47:32 2020

Amazon has done something this year that I've never had them do as long as I've been selling there.  They apparently were guaranteeing delivery to some of my customers by a certain date without my knowledge or consent.  

First I started noticing that my normal method of shipping wasn't available to me when I'd go to create the shipping label.  It was just more expensive methods that I didn't even offer on my listings.  I initially thought it was a glitch.  For a few days I was going offsite to create my shipping labels and them update Amazon with the tracking numbers.

Then I started getting INRs, people upset they didn't get the items by the promised date, yet I promised no such thing.  Come to find out Amazon was doing this without my knowledge and without allowing me to collect any additional funds from the buyer to cover these more expedited ways of shipping.  They apparently so no problem with sticking me with the bill.

What a ridiculous thing to do to those that do their own shipping.  It sure was a mess for me that I'm still working my way out of with INRs for arriving late.

Perminate Link for Amazon Seller Sees Worst of Both Worlds with Delays   Amazon Seller Sees Worst of Both Worlds with Delays

by: Chicago48 This user has validated their user name.

Mon Dec 21 05:56:46 2020

Everybody with a complaint with Ebay or Amazon should get on twitter:
@ebayhelp and @amazonhelp.  I had issues with Ebay over the weekend and couldn't call-in like we used to.  Now, Ebay has gone Amazon and is referring you to (seem familiar?) and on that page you have to answer a zillion questions until you get to a number for someone to call you back.  So I went to @ebayhelp and had convos with reps and they looked into all my issues.  I also did the same with @amazonhelp, but so far haven't heard back from them.
The last thing I do is a) contact (always get a reply) or file a Better Business Bureau.
It's a shame that we sellers (and buyers) have to go through these measures to get resolution to our problems.  I'm on the cusp of going Shopify because using the Ebay or Amazon platform for problems is painful and time-wasting.

Ironically, I don't get those same issues with Poshmark or Mercari.  I email (vs. call, they don't have phone#'s!!!) and usually get a reply in 24 hours and have a convo about customer (or my) concerns.  I do wish those sites had "chat" online, but because they're small, I guess not.  Poshmark btw is going IPO.  I wonder how that's going to change?  Will they push sellers to sell more, have gates like Amazon?  Everytime a company goes IPO, they start acting like AMZ.

Perminate Link for Amazon Seller Sees Worst of Both Worlds with Delays   Amazon Seller Sees Worst of Both Worlds with Delays

This user has validated their user name. by: Marie

Mon Dec 21 15:28:04 2020

If your issues are MP related, Ebay will not respond to them on Twitter or Facebook.

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