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Sat Nov 21 2020 13:04:47

The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay said it had placed 340,000 sellers into its Managed Payments program as of the end of September. It's possible the majority of those sellers have no problems. But there are many reports from sellers who are encountering problems, and they can't rely on the normal customer support channels eBay provides.

With the new Payments program, buyers pay eBay, which then disburses the funds to sellers through regularly scheduled "payouts."

But numerous sellers have complained of payout delays, or worse, a cessation of payouts, resulting in a cash-flow nightmare for sellers who must pay their bills and continue to fulfill orders.

Another problem is reconciliation. A friend contacted me last week wondering how she could tell which orders eBay was collecting sales tax - the payout report she received had no such details, and she wasn't able to find a more detailed report in her account. The information was available, but she found it hard to find without assistance. 

On a help page, eBay states, "Your Transaction report provides a detailed breakdown of all your account activity for a specific date range" and provides instructions on how to access it.

It also provides the following "tip" that every seller should pay attention to: "You should download your Transaction report every quarter since the report only goes back 90 days. This will ensure you don't lose any details."

That's a pretty remarkable shortcoming for a payment processor.

This morning, a seller reported a new issue on Ecommerce EKG

"Last three days the Payouts page Last Payment Sent number has not marched the actual payout my bank has received. Actual payout running around 50% the payout ebay shows.  Payout email correct when it finally comes often day late. What a mess!"

Sellers who reach out to eBay through the seller discussion boards or through social media channels like Facebook are being told to go to the eBay website and request a callback from eBay.

In an example from Twitter this morning, a seller tweeted, "@AskeBay Having trouble with receiving payouts from ebay managed payments. Need help please." 

The response from @AskeBay: "Hey there, sorry you're facing this issue. Sounds like you would need to reach out to our Managed Payments team directly. You can request they contact you at bottom of this page> We're not quite up and running here for this yet. ~ Amy H"

On the one hand, eBay separated from PayPal 5 years ago, so it's had plenty of time to develop its own payments offering. On the other hand, these reports may be coming from newly-transitioned sellers learning to navigate the new system as the migration continues.

That doesn't explain the issue of excluded categories sellers are facing. Sellers who list in restricted categories are out of luck once eBay ports them into managed Payments. Those categories include Adult only items, Bullion, Coins & paper money, Motor vehicles, Tickets for travel, events, or experiences, and Wine. A seller explained his concerns in this letter to the editor published on Tuesday.

In the tweet referenced above, the eBay rep had stated, "We're not quite up and running here for this yet" when referring to the fact she could not provide answers to questions about Managed Payments.

But during the transition is exactly when sellers need the most support. If eBay isn't ready to offer it on every platform convenient to sellers, including social channels and its own discussion boards, is it ready to roll out a program that has the potential to be so disruptive?

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Perminate Link for The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers   The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers

by: Shanna This user has validated their user name.

Mon Nov 23 19:48:59 2020


Contact them through Twitter and/or Facebook. They hate the bad publicity on Mangled Payments, and an American might be able to help you.

Perminate Link for The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers   The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers

by: Saveorganics This user has validated their user name.

Tue Nov 24 16:17:51 2020

I recently discovered that I havent been receiving FVF credits for unpaid items and/or canceled orders ever since i was forced into managed payments in july. i had ebay set to automatically open/close/manage unpaid item cases for me and i would get messages saying an unpaid item case had been closed and a request for a FVF had been submitted yet the FVFs were never credited back to my account. Luckily this was accidentally brought to my attention during a phone call with ebay cs. i had contacted ebay because i was trying to cancel an order per a buyers request but was unable to. i asked a few questions which led to the ebay cs rep looking into some other buyer canceled orders as well as closed unpaid item cases and turns out i hadnt received a single FVF credit for any of the closed unpaid item cases or buyer canceled orders since being forced into managed payments in july. wow. it was more than $100 that ended up being credited back to my account! the cs rep also suggested that i change my settings for unpaid item cases so that i "manually" manage/open/close unpaid item cases myself - apparently this is a known issue for managed payment sellers who choose to let ebay automatically handle unpaid item cases. im very thankful for this cs rep! (shockingly) he was the only 1 out of 6-7 cs reps whom i have spoken with over the last couple months who was able to efficiently assist me, answer my questions, & resolve the issues i had. im sure if i had been speaking with a different cs rep i never would have become aware of this glitch, SO JUST A HEADS UP - MANAGED PAYMENTS SELLERS - DOUBLE CHECK YOUR INVOICES - MAKE SURE YOU ARE ACTUALLY RECEIVING FVF CREDITS FOR UNPAID ITEM CASES & CANCELED ORDERS!!!!!  

Perminate Link for The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers   The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers

This user has validated their user name. by: Lightning

Wed Nov 25 01:32:22 2020

With MP, eBay takes their fee when the item is PAID FOR - immediately.  If you have an UNPAID item, by definition there was no payment, so NO FVF was paid to eBay.  You can't get a credit for unpaid item cases, since there was nothing ever billed to be credited.  Cancelled PAID orders, a different story.

I don't know about anyone else, but as I am cancelling a paid order for a buyer (not partial refunds), the FVF CREDIT is staring right at me on the screen.  Why would you cancel a sale without first checking that you are going to get reimbursed for YOUR fees??  Automatic returns are a pitfall to be avoided.  Take control of your business and your money.  Never let anything side-step you.  Make it fight its way past you, and never lose that fight.

Perminate Link for The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers   The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers

by: realitybytes This user has validated their user name.

Sat Feb 6 12:15:32 2021

This is the most egregious and precipitous selling issue I have ever encountered, 20 year long term successful power seller.  But no more...  What Ebay is not telling you about the (private party) that is managing the payment system.   They are located in Amsterdam, (the acknowledged hacker capitol of the world) with severe crime issues and the site of the hacking of the covad 19 vaccine information that was recently (jan 15) leaked online.  The organization was in Amsterdam and was hacked (allegedly from Amsterdam)   The money that is collected, in the United States is sent to Amsterdam, then (paid out) days later.   Your money is NOT FDIC insured, you do not earn interest, this company requires that you store credit card data and bank information on its servers.   (this is not Ebay)  this is the company located in Amsterdam.   Reports indicate that you are required to provide this third party payment processing platform with the login details of your bank...    This is a Serious Financial Disaster just waiting to happen it is not about IF it will happen but When it will happen.   IF your funds disappear, get lost, go missing or just never arrive you have no legal recourse.  Find another market, seller hub, Anything is better than Ebay.   I used to buy 30,000 dollars in business equipment and supplies every year,  as a consultant to large companies and corporate entities, when they needed something we just go it on Ebay...   That is OVER!  WE are buying anywhere else except for Ebay.   I guarantee you that those sellers that choose to leave will be way ahead of those that decide to try it out first...   Eventually you will face a shortfall of money and it will not be your fault.   There will be less sellers, less buyers, it will take ebay a long time to figure out that the money they are loosing cannot be recovered.   AT first they will likely be ''thinking'' that its ok if we lose money at first, but then as they continue to lose sellers and more buyers eventually someone will add up all the losses and then they will realize that hey you know what we made a big mistake.   But right now, that does not help me, I just put in $20,000 in assets that I intended to sell on ebay, but I cannot do that now.   There will be lawsuits eventually...   This is the worst idea ever.  

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