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Mon Oct 19 2020 12:58:19

Sellers Mock Amazon for Dropping Support for IE

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers had fun at Amazon's expense when it announced it was dropping support for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as of January 31, 2021. "This change will empower our development teams to innovate and deliver upgrades to the Seller Central website," the marketplace said.

"If you are currently using Internet Explorer, we request that you switch to a supported web or mobile browser to avoid any disruption. Your options include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge."

Other than security updates, Microsoft hasn't updated its IE browser since 2016 (it has a new browser called Edge). A seller said they couldn't remember the last time Amazon officially supported IE, "this announcement probably should have been made years ago."

Others poked fun at the announcement.

"Does this mean no more seller support messages by telegram and no more horse and carriage shipments, either?"

"What I really need to know is if my Windows 98 PC will be able to support those new fandangle browsers."

"Will I still be able to see it from my Compuserve account???"

On a more serious note, one seller pointed out a downside, writing, "Of course IE is the only one that can be programmatically controlled. So all those tasks that Amazon doesn't provide an API to, you will be no longer be able to automate them. Welcome to further tedium, lack of scalability and increased costs."

And another seller said Amazon Seller Central has not worked properly with Safari for about a month. And another said there were problems using Seller Central with Google Chrome, such as the Complete your drafts function. "Hopefully not supporting IE will help their software engineers solve the current issues," the wrote.

A moderator addressed some concerns today in the following posts: 

- "The planned policy update does not require any platform changes during the holiday season. The policy update will simply become effective in January 2021."

- "Seller Central will continue to work for Internet Explorer (IE). After the policy update (January 2021), new features may not work as expected for IE."

You can find the announcement and seller reaction on Amazon Seller Central.

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Perminate Link for Sellers Mock Amazon for Dropping Support for IE   Sellers Mock Amazon for Dropping Support for IE

by: RL15 This user has validated their user name.

Mon Oct 19 15:31:21 2020

people still use IE?

Perminate Link for Sellers Mock Amazon for Dropping Support for IE   Sellers Mock Amazon for Dropping Support for IE

by: Snapped This user has validated their user name.

Tue Oct 20 08:12:10 2020

Yes. Because IE works. And people are used to it.

Change is more often thrust upon users to justify the jobs of developers rather than support the arguments of those who initiate the change being any kind of enhancement for the end user.

Perminate Link for Sellers Mock Amazon for Dropping Support for IE   Sellers Mock Amazon for Dropping Support for IE

This user has validated their user name. by: RKTOYS

Wed Oct 21 18:19:13 2020

Well said, Snapped.

They're not doing anything special at Amazon (or anywhere else for that matter) that couldn't have been done with IE6.  Their developers just aren't interested in or capable of developing for any platform but the Chrome monoculture.

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