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Fri Nov 14 2014 21:20:06

Will New Postmaster Lead USPS in the Right Direction?

By: Ina Steiner

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The head of the US Postal Service is retiring early next year, and his replacement has been named. Patrick R. Donahoe is retiring February 1, 2015, after 39 years with the Postal Service. In the announcement, Donahoe was praised as a visionary leader who worked tirelessly to move the organization forward during one of its most difficult periods.

However, the announcement comes after an embarrassing and costly cyber attack that exposed highly sensitive information about postal employees, including employee names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and addresses. There's nothing in today's announcement to suggest the two events are related.

The executive chosen to replace Donahoe is also a career postie, having been at the organization for the past 28 years. She's also a Sloan Fellow and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Megan J. Brennan is the current Chief Operating Officer of the Postal Service where she led initiatives to provide Sunday delivery services, improved tracking, and greater predictability and reliability. "She has also been highly successful in rationalizing our mail processing, delivery and retail operations," according to the Chairman of the Board of Governors in today's announcement.

From Jack Potter to Patrick Donahoe and soon to be Megan Brennan - online sellers who rely on the USPS to deliver their packages have seen a lot of changes over the years under the leadership of the Postmasters General.

Will Brennan lead the USPS in the right direction? If you could give Donahoe's replacement some advice, what would it be?

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Perminate Link for Will New Postmaster Lead USPS in the Right Direction?   Will New Postmaster Lead USPS in the Right Direction?

by: Patricia This user has validated their user name.

Tue Nov 18 18:16:18 2014

" The federal government is simply trying to fix the problems that the union has created.  Pensions are paid for by taxpayers and not the employees.  The USPS runs at a loss NOT because of the federal government and to say so is ludicrous.  You are way off base and doing a disservice to everyone with your bad ideas and false advice.  You obviously do not understand how these things really work.  All of your ideas are backwards. "

The union has nothing to do with USPS' present problems....the union is not the one forcing USPS to prepay retirement benefits 75 years in advance.  Where did you get your information....oh let me guess...."the Heritage Foundation" or some other Koch run think tank?

Perminate Link for Will New Postmaster Lead USPS in the Right Direction?   Will New Postmaster Lead USPS in the Right Direction?

by: FREDDY This user has validated their user name.

Wed Nov 19 11:46:13 2014

Get rid of free mail from China.  I am tired of paying for them to get rich.
Also get rid of the politicians who pushed that plan.

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This user has validated their user name. by: shabbychick

Thu Nov 20 21:33:35 2014

I cannot understand why the policies are so different at different Post Offices. All the ones I frequent here in Western NC just let me go to an empty counter and drop off armloads of packages.  

Once in a great while I shout out ''nothing flammable, or hazardous or  (the other thing)''.  

Its a Federal agency so why should they be run so differently in some areas?

That postmaster of Tornadoesrule just sounds like a mean lady! I would drive to a different one.  

Perminate Link for Will New Postmaster Lead USPS in the Right Direction?   Will New Postmaster Lead USPS in the Right Direction?

by: comet This user has validated their user name.

Fri Nov 28 16:27:51 2014

At EVERY post office we go to--in seveal states including NY Mass VT and NH--we are ALWAYS asked the SAME questions about the "Flammable Liquid Hazardous or Perishable".  No matter if it is  our home town for 30 YEARS PO--where some of the SAME people are behind the counter--or one we JUST walked into on our travels.

Some of these people are better suited to other work than meeting with the public tho.  And some we will avoid if at all possible.  Telling me we can't mail to  HAWAII because it is NOT a part of the USA---Huh?  Really? And even if it was NOT--what DIFFERENCE would it MAKE?  Can't insure out of country packages for more that $40 was another blunder.  Eyeballing packages and refusing to measure--yet another. I sell skis--have done for about 16 years now--and I know full well that SKIS CAN BE MAILED.  WEll-that depends on the day of the week phase of the moon and who is behind that counter!

However if you think "regular"  items can be hard to ship--try shipping AMMO!  That took a trip to a UPS depot an hour and a half ONE WAY because NONE of their actual offices will handle it--you also have to HAND MAKE a soecial side of the box LABEL with a Sharpie; and this is for ANY quantity.  And you have to note ON THE BOX the caliber--wonder how much of this stuff goes MIA?  Next time competitive shooter kid needs ammo--he can wait til some one visits someone else! (And sadly---no;  this is NOT going to stop the next whack job)

I think they mostly do a good job but the Govt has them over a barrel.  They KNOW that their work may NOT ever be paid off re pensions.  Just like lots of Police and Fire and other places--others greedy paws were allowed to "borrow"  and never pay back.  Sickening.  And if you are a "Highway Contract Route" driver you don't GET pension and bene's as far as I know.  

I never know there were so many Koch Bros haters here!  LOL==sorta!  Glad to meet ya!  See ya over on DailyKos!

Some Higher Power WILL need to save us ALL if they get THEIR filthy hands on these emterprises---

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