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Fri Sept 25 2009 11:39:49

eBay CEO Talks about Core Values: Auctions Are Not a Religion

By: Ina Steiner

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I  videotaped a few parts of eBay CEO John Donahoe's keynote address at the Summit, which wrapped up on Wednesday afternoon and was chock-full of news and information relating to ecommerce. John's keynote address covered a lot of ground - auctions, PayPal, Skype, China, eBay's core values, along with his message to attendees that they should not fear that eBay is a retailer.

Of special interest to AuctionBytes readers is this clip in which John discusses eBay's core values and thoughts about auctions. eBay exists to create an opportunity for others, so they and eBay can have an impact on the world, and he said that he cares that users depend on eBay.

I thought it was interesting when he said, "We thought auctions was a religion. Auctions are nothing more than a format." This is a rather amazing statement for the head of eBay to say, given that auctions are such an important differentiator from other ecommerce players in a hyper-competitive arena.

There's another video clip in one of today's AuctionBytes Newsflash articles in which John did not explain why if Skype is such a great communications tool, it was unsuccessful on eBay as a communications tool. But of course, he failed to say that eBay did not allow sellers to fully use Skype on eBay. It was only open to a few categories, likely because eBay feared sellers would take transactions off-site to avoid fees.

There's one more video clip, you can view it on YouTube - it shows John taking his own video of himself during his presentation at

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Perminate Link for eBay CEO Talks about Core Values: Auctions Are Not a Religion   eBay CEO Talks about Core Values: Auctions Are Not a Religion

by: John

Fri Oct 2 12:32:53 2009

This man has destroyed my thriving business on ebay and many many others, he is an absolute liar. What a idiot, how is he getting away with this, where are the law enforcement officials and our state attorney generals in this? There have been thousands of complaints to each stste and yet this organized crime figure is still out there breaking laws. What a joke he is

Perminate Link for eBay CEO Talks about Core Values: Auctions Are Not a Religion   eBay CEO Talks about Core Values: Auctions Are Not a Religion

by: ozgood

Sat Oct 3 18:46:40 2009

Posted: February 26, 1996,
To: eBay Community

I launched eBay's AuctionWeb on Labor Day, 1995. Since then, the site has become more popular than I ever expected, and I began to realize that this was indeed a grand experiment in Internet commerce. By creating an open market that encourages honest dealings, I hope to make it easier to conduct business with strangers over the net.

Most people are honest. And they mean well. Some people go out of their way to make things right. I've heard great stories about the honesty of people here. But some people are dishonest. Or deceptive. This is true here, in the newsgroups, in the classifieds, and right next door. It's a fact of life. But here, those people can't hide. We'll drive them away. Protect others from them. This grand hope depends on your active participation. Become a registered user. Use our feedback forum. Give praise where it is due; make complaints where appropriate. For the past six months, I've been developing this system single-handedly, in my spare time. Along the way, I've dealt with complaints among participants. But those complaints have amounted to only a handful. We've had close to 10,000 auctions since opening. And only a few dozen complaints.

Now, we have an open forum. Use it. Make your complaints in the open. Better yet, give your praise in the open. Let everyone know what a joy it was to deal with someone. Above all, conduct yourself in a professional manner. Deal with others the way you would have them deal with you. Remember that you are usually dealing with individuals, just like yourself. Subject to making mistakes. Well-meaning, but wrong on occasion. That's just human. We can live with that. We can deal with that. We can still make deals with that. Thanks for participating. Good luck, and good business!

Pierre Omidyar

Perminate Link for eBay CEO Talks about Core Values: Auctions Are Not a Religion   eBay CEO Talks about Core Values: Auctions Are Not a Religion

by: Brain Waves Technology

Wed Oct 7 07:33:56 2009

In a perfect world CEO salaries would be performance based and the performance of eBay CEO John Donahoe's would call for him to step down.

I think this mans mission was to destroy eBay from the start, ones he sells PayPal like his been planing, he will achieve the biggest eCommerce blunder ever on the internet and this will be the legacy of his life!

Not to mention the thousands of lives he destroyed along his path.

eBay CEO John Donahoe's stands for 666 LoL

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