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Wed May 21 2008 00:11:37

eBay NARUs Head of PESA Australia?

By: Ina Steiner

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A reader wrote in to report that one of eBay Australia's biggest seller, philsales1, was NARU (suspended). Phil Leahy is the president of PESA Australia, and the leading DVD seller on eBay Australia and UK. The reader wrote, "I am just so shocked to see his account gone, and can't help but think if he can't make it, then there is little hope for us smaller Ebay sellers."

I was able to get an email in to Phil just before midnight our time, and here's his response:

Hi Ina, I have not paid my eBay bill yet as I migrating from Marketworks to CA. There is also no point in keeping my profiles due to the feedback changes. I plan to come out fresh with best practice so we can shoot for eBay discounts. I will also be changing our model that was far too reliant on eBay. Best Wishes, Phil

In another email, he said he would indeed be paying his eBay bill, and I'll be chatting with Phil tomorrow to learn more.

This says a lot about the changes rolling out on eBay.

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by: Mike

Thu May 22 12:40:58 2008

Got to say, I love AuctionBytes, but it's getting more difficult to come here every other day and get even more pissed off at eBay.

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by: R

Thu May 22 14:47:53 2008

"philsales1" is the 6th highest seller in all of Australia.  The fact is: the higher your feedback is the lower your feedback rating will go. has statistics that show this very clearly. Starting over with a new ID is the best way to increase your feedback rating. 25% of sellers ranked in the top 50k have 99.9% or 100% feedback rating and only 4% of sellers ranked in the top 1k have 99.9% or 100% rating.

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Thu May 22 21:00:42 2008

I think the fact the tool is having to pay his fees in instalments say's more about his situation than anything else.

He could list all the stock he never seems to have on ebad and triple thier listing count overnight and not have to worry about upseting buyers as they don't actually have any.

The only people who seem really upset by these changes are the bad sellers, I wonder why.

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by: roo

Thu May 22 21:04:18 2008

First of all, Phil is a great guy.  I know him personally, and while migration from Marketworks to Channel Adviser may sound like code, these are two of the biggest companies that provide the mechanics for running a business on eBay, and they just merged.  Moving data from one platform from another is a nightmare, even under the best circumstances.  Knowing what you really have in inventory when you are selling on multiple platforms is challenging - but when you have to move the data on thousands upon thousands of skus, errors are not only likely, they are inevitable.  

Regarding 100% feedback, we were one of those "suspicious" people who had that rating after 80,000 transactions on the site.  We had 10 negatives that "stuck", and had removed about 30 negatives, and 20 neutrals (something we didn't have to do until last year).

Our philosophy was simple - we resolve any issues, regardless of their cause.  Some people give us the chance before they leave feedback, some don't.  The ones who don't have the opportunity to remove the negative once their issue is resolved.  That doesn't sound "suspicious" to me, and it doesn't to our buyers either.  

We all know there are people that leave negative comments that are undeserved too, and, frankly, those are the people we found least likely to work with us.  They had no problem that could not be solved - they just felt better about trying to knock us down a notch.

The new policy, by the way, has nothing to do with fixing feedback.  eBay is intentionally making it worse to pave the way for removing the feedback system altogether.  They are trying to make us all hate it enough over the next year so that when they remove it next year, we will all be relieved.

Don't believe me?

Ask an eBay person directly, next time you get a chance.


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This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Thu May 22 21:35:24 2008

American's Most Despicable Corporation is collectively in desperate need of long term psychiatric care.

If ebay were an individual, a psychiatrist friend of mine says there's more than sufficient evidence for a bipolar diagnosis on many occasions and on other occasions for paranoid schizophrenia.

There's also a boatload of evidence that ebay management is sociopathic and narcisstic but these are personality and character disorders rather than mental illnesses.

This is a very, very sick corporation that's self destructing right in front of our eyes, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving nest of parasites.

No feedback next year? Quite likely. I expect they're going to be sued to Kingdom Come, but how damage will their insatiable lust for power, control, and gamesmanship do in the interim?

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by: CashBackAtEbay

Fri May 23 03:39:22 2008

It's not just philsales1... thousands of top sellers on eBay lost their PowerSeller status May 19, 2008 -- and I'm sure we'll find many more NARUs in the coming weeks because those retroactive neutrals were counted as negatives. It takes a 98% and above to stay afloat for the PowerSeller status.

I feel this Aussie's pain because eBay has not provided adequate tools for large volume sellers. For example, eBay sometimes restricts e-mail volume (the amount of e-mail in which a seller may send and receive). And there is no audit trail for communications. Vendors with relatively low priced items, like DVDs, in relation to the shipping price have had the greatest up-hill battle with buyers.

Oh what a tangled Web eBay has weaved! eBay's poorly designed Web interface is partly to blame. eBay simply has not provided adequate tools to document bad buying behaviors -- such as buyers remorse on the shipping price agreed to at the time of the sale. Under the ''new eBay'' buyers are free to give a negative just because they had bad day! In the good ole days you could do a mutual feedback withdrawal or use squaretrade to resolve conflicts, but eBay has taken away these tools. eBay is taking away tools and not giving any concessions for sellers.

What's more, buyers simply do not understand their contractual obligations when they click Buy Now -- and eBay does not easily allow buyers to be released from the contract. This leads to buyers remorse and its the seller who winds up getting the negative, while eBay pockets the transaction fees and commissions. If eBay offered a shopping cart or wish list feature the Way Amazon does, this probably wouldn't be a factor. It's just another reason why philsales1 and the rest of the biggies should head on over to Amazon!

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by: mike

Fri May 23 07:31:54 2008

Frankly I believe that the ebay changes has nothing to do with ''buyer satisfaction''. My believe is that their goal is to raise revenues by increasing the FVF they receive on each transaction. How? Well since S/H is not included the FVF they are in effect making sellers lower there S/H fees in order to receive higher DSR for Shipping. Overall DSR's are not a bad thing and without a doubt there were sellers that were circumventing the FVF by listing item for 99 cents and charging outrageous S/H fees. However instead of addressing those sellers they have now made many GOOD power sellers look like thieves. Buyers really don't understand the real cost of shipping and I don't mean just the cost of materials. ALL shipping companies now charge by the volume of the package. Now an item that weighs 10 pounds can actually have a shipping charge of 60 pounds based on the dimensions of the box.
FYI my personal feedback stayed exactly the same so this post isn't about sour grapes. My BIGGEST issue with the new DSR comes in the new SEARCH default. Even though my DSR qualifies me for a power seller discount, my ''seller dashboard'' shows my SEARCH standing has been LOWERED. To me this is more important than having a power seller status or the power seller discount.
How can ebay improve this? First allow sellers to rate each DSR category by tenths of a percent. IE 4.6, 4.8 etc. (right now I believe you can leave DSR feedback in 1/2 percent. IE 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 (They even state that 4.5 is AVERAGE, which according t DSR is NOT ACCEPTABLE by EBAY)
Second explain in the leaving feedback instructions that buyers should take into account the cost of packaging and dimensional charges that UPS, Fed Ex and DHL ALL charge. Maybe that would have buyers change the S/H rating from say 4.5 to a 4.8.

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by: disgruntled ebayer

Fri May 23 15:04:12 2008

Do not trust anything eBay says or does. THEY ARE LYING.
Our feedback went from 99% last monthe to 98.1 yesterday to 98.2 today WITH NO ACTIVITY at all in three weeks. They have no set formula, its based on whims.

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This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Fri May 23 15:43:43 2008

Abiolsuetly right -- NEVER believe anything ebay says. The opposite is likely the truth.

In order toe work for ebay you either have to be or be willing to become a convincing and unrepentant pathological liar and sociopath.

And it's way past time these Wall Street analysts and business woke up to this fact.

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by: Tired

Fri May 23 20:02:35 2008

Well I never thought the day would come that I agree with Ming the Merciless.  God help us all!  

Maybe a big earthquake in San Jose would take care of things.

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This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Fri May 23 20:49:05 2008


Welcome to The Light.

I've been saying this for months. Where you have been?

Actually, I've been saying this for several years. I just never posted my thoughts on a blog until recently.

Perhaps Ebay Inc is built on a very narrow but deep fault line near a forested mudslide area prone to highly localized forest fires.

May the Disruptive Gods of Failing Dot Coms rise up from the abyss and swallow the forked tongue devils and reprobates that infest the ebay campus.

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by: E-BaY id Cosmic-King

Sat May 24 18:45:22 2008

I think keeping your inventory paid for can keep you going on thru the tough times - It has me and times are tough now on ebay.  Multiple sales channels are req. now days and ebay should only be a portion of your business.   It is still a great liquidation channel but it seems like ebay wants to be more like Amazon all the time.   I understand Entertainment House will just drop the old id with all the baggage and start a new id to focus on improved DSRs.   My id dropped from 99.5 to 99% but my FB total now shows over 30,000.   I think I will just continue to ride it out.   Few places still bring the buyers like ebay even if you can not trust them.   Kirk
Cosmic-King Toys and Collectibles

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by: auswide3000

Wed Jun 4 22:58:02 2008

This is a copy of My latest complaint to ebay who in my view treats its selliers like "$h#!"
Message: Ebay suspended my account and dumped 23 auction items which were up to $1600.00. These listings contained between 100 and 200 photos of the 23 items and the listings represented around 1 weeks work for me to list. Is there a way to retrieve these listings or as an act of pure bastardry does ebay also deliberately destroy the listings? I was sespended from ebay through no fault of my own and no one from ebay bothered to take my concerns seriously. I have contacted the Australian department of Fair Trading and believe it or not, ebay has breached Australian Law. This email is My final attempt to get someone to look into my case before I take action as follows. I will lodge a formal case with The Department of Fair Trading and also assist them with setting up a task force to deal with the alarmingly high incednce of seller dissatisfaction, currently featuring on most National Current Affairs programmes. I have some very good contacts syndicated through the Australian media and if I can not get any person to contact me regarding my concernes through norman means: eg telephone, then You will hear of my concernes through the Mas media and the Australian court system. P.S Please do not copy and paste a standard reply and a copy of your rules in a reply to this email, please try a "real reply" I have sold well over 2000 items through ebay over 6 years and have received 6 negative ratings and over 1500 positive ratings and paid thousands of dollars in fees to ebay, if I mean nothing whatsoever to ebay (as I suspect) then ebays future is sure to be a contracting one. No sucessfull business on the planet grows by treating its customers (sellers as well as buyers) like they are wothless pieces of trash, its simply bad business practice and ebay will pay the price if this practice persists.
Regards, auswide3000(1513)

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