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Thu Mar 6 2008 21:50:11

eBay to Launch New Blog in April

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay will launch a new blog in April that it told Fortune Small Business would be an unfiltered link between users and the company. Two things just jump out at me. First, the newly hired blogger has never sold anything on eBay. And secondly, while he says the first thing he did when he got to eBay was to meet with industry bloggers to find out "how we can work together," he has never reached out to AuctionBytes.

Other industry bloggers who linked to the FSB article do not mention having heard from him either: Randy Smythe, PowerSellers Unite and Tamebay, for example.

Check Friday's AuctionBytes Newsflash for our story, then let us know what you think!

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Perminate Link for eBay to Launch New Blog in April   eBay to Launch New Blog in April

by: Patricia

Wed Apr 2 22:23:35 2008

Ebay management sure are a hard-headed lot.  I think its probably from years and years of having everything their own way.  In their minds, the sellers should have calmed down and gotten in line by now.  They're probably scratching their heads as to why, send out the sugar patrol to sweeten things up and put a neat spin on Ebay and make it look like a great place to sell.  Sorry, but that will NEVER work...I can tell them right now that sellers are in no mood for even more ebay-speak and nonsense.  Still, they'll try because frankly I don't think they know any other way out of the hole they're digging for themselves!  

If the May 1 boycott is going to be as big as I'm hoping it will be then Ebay is going to dance at superspeed to try to cover up the void the boycotting sellers will make!  I hope every seller understands now that they either have to stand up for their rights or bend over and grab their ankles.  I never was one to do the latter!


Hey...I'm actually starting to get some sales elsewhere!  

Sign up and come to the big rummage sale at starting May 1 :-)

Perminate Link for eBay to Launch New Blog in April   eBay to Launch New Blog in April

by: L Cole

Sat Apr 5 10:55:45 2008

Ebay already has the most useful honest market research tool which they continually ignore -- their own discussion boards. Why spend money on a new hire. If they read and took seriously the posts of all the members there would be no need to search blindly for solutions. It's crazy. High power sellers and small sellers have been yelling into their ears for years now but they remain strangely deaf.

Perminate Link for eBay to Launch New Blog in April   eBay to Launch New Blog in April

by: Gemma

Sat Jul 5 16:34:49 2008

I agree L Cole, there is a fairly consistent presence on the UK boards at the moment, but are they listening to the comments?

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