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Wed Nov 26 2008 15:52:48 Listings Disappear from eBay

By: Ina Steiner

Sponsored Link listings disappeared from eBay this afternoon. When contacted, Shoplet CEO Tony Ellison said he could not comment on his eBay sales activities and would not answer any eBay-related questions. Ellison confirmed he was continuing to sell on and on's own website.

A source had told AuctionBytes in the fall that eBay was working with ChannelAdvisor to bring onto the site under the Operation Catalog program for Diamond PowerSellers, and over 2,000 listings were loaded onto eBay in October. Shoplet's eBay DSR rating for "Shipping and handling charges" had been 4.1 at one point, and currently stands at 4.4.

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Perminate Link for Listings Disappear from eBay Listings Disappear from eBay

by: formercanadianpowerseller

Tue Dec 2 19:51:43 2008

@ Ming the Merciless

Thanks again for your posts as it is motivating a lot of people.

This time of year it is very hard NOT to be in business...I go Christmas shopping with my 3 yr old boy and feel depressed as I know I can not give him a beautiful Christmas - thank you eBay.

Some days the depression grips me so tight I have doubts about everything...

What angers me the most is how eBay robbed me of my passion.
I was a seller that cared about customers and believed in the products I was selling to them - thanks again eBay.

This hurt runs deep, very deep with no bottom.

This is why something needs to be done.
I can not give up.
I will not hit bottom.

I love my wife and 2 kids and they deserve their daddy back to normal.

I am not crying the blues, trust trying to show how eBay has affected one seller and the people in this seller's life.

Ebay and Paypal can not get away with what they have and are doing.

Perminate Link for Listings Disappear from eBay Listings Disappear from eBay

by: Sickened

Wed Dec 3 11:17:46 2008

>>I am not crying the blues, trust trying to show how eBay has affected one seller and the people in this seller's life.<<

I hear you. As I watch my own stats on ebay I am more and more convinced that ebay messes with the DSR's of us lowly peons for their own amusement. It certainly has been affecting many families lives and they just don't care.

I send Payment received notifications, shipping notifications, and a personal noate to each buyer; besides any pre-purchase communication. Nothing has changed in months as to what I do yet my communication DSR is dropping. All my items are new,unused and I get glwoing written feedback but my item description DSR's are dropping. My shipping time is within 24 hours and written feedback gives glowing reports of incredibly fast shipping and you guessed it my DSR in that area is dropping. Shipping costs have not changed in a year and are flat rate for the first item and I combine shipping for more than one item, yet my DSR there is also dropping to the point that my last 30 days DSR's are all red across the board and average is barely going to support continued selling. I have over 4000 100% positive feedback and am a powerseller. Certainly if my service was shabby and going in the toilet, someone would mention it in written feedback (something ebay generally can't mess with)??? Our sales are down significantly as I'm no longer in 'raised status'. It certainly feels like something is very wrong with this DSR program and if this Shoplet can sell paper towels for almost $10 surely I can sell my quality inventory with less trouble and better DSR's. It is very frustrating.

Our store is a two person operation and it is taking us a huge amount of time to move off ebay onto ecrater so please don't tell me to go elsewhere. I just find it fantastic that lousy sellers get discounts and freebies while I, who have paid many $1000's in fees, and have done things by the book with excellent customer service is being kicked in the seat of my pants.

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by: formercanadianpowerseller

Thu Dec 4 10:04:18 2008


Are you by chance a Canadian seller..?
If so, please let me know as I am gathering Canadian sellers for a Class Action Suit against eBay inc.

Thanks and keep your chin up!

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Thu Dec 4 10:48:10 2008

                Before you read any further, you must completely understand that fact!  I sympathize completely with all of you sellers who have been robbed by dishonest buyers who've taken your merchandise and then also taken back their payment for it...and all of you buyers who've had your personal financial information taken by dishonest sellers.  All of these illegal acts have been enabled and facilitated by Paypal and eBay.  

               Paypal holds your money for days and weeks - yet it doesn't pay you interest. A bank must pay interest by law, as regulated by the Federal banking authorities.  Paypal can take money out of your personal checking/banking account.  Banks can only do this with a Court order.  WHEN 'THREATENED' IN THE UK, AS WELL AS IN AUSTRALIA, TO BE REGULATED UNDER THOSE COUNTRIES' BANKING LAWS, PAYPAL TURNED TAIL AND RAN, REGISTERING THEIR 'SERVICE' IN LUXEMBOURG.

              You may post messages on these great and informative blogs, a public service in themselves.  This is all well and good and serves to help one somewhat feel better over your losses at the hands of the Paypal and eBay thieves.  But afterwards, and it only takes a few minutes, write your congressman, or write the banking authorities.  Regardless of your party affiliation - we're all Americans and we need this to be done for all of our good,  you can write Senator Charles Schumer from New York State (he's already received more than a few) or write Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts. New York Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, is attuned to help consumers and definitely would like the chance to expose the deceptive practices of both Paypal and Ebay.   Write and ask why is it that Paypal can operate as a bank without being regulated as a banking institution.  Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, gave a news conference on how banks/financial institutions should be "looked into" as to the consumers' rights not be violated.  he also would be an excellent choice to write to and inform him of your struggles with Paypal - more so, how Paypal can operate handling large sums of money and NOT pay interest.  It is wrong! You can always write the SEC, the FDIC and the federal banking authorities and ask them to look into it.  Demand that Paypal be regulated by United States banking laws.   All of this thievery perpetrated by this bogus "service" will then all be held accountable.  It's simple and would immediately cause a beneficial change.  Just write that note.  It only takes a minute and will accomplish so much!   Remember:  PAYPAL IS NOT A BANK - UNDERSTAND THAT FACT - it must be corrected!  

                                 It is laughable how Paypal moved quickly in reference to this eCheck scam business.  Big deal - THEY STILL HAVE NO RIGHT TO GO INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, HOLD MONEY WITHOUT PAYING YOU INTEREST, AND GO UNREGULATED BY US BANKING LAWS.  THEY DO NOT GUARANTEE THE SAFETY OF YOUR MONEY THAT THEY HOLD.  IF THERE IS ANY SORT OF LEGAL ACTION AGAINST PAYPAL AND THEIR ACCOUNTS ARE TIED UP, THERE WOULD BE NO RECOURSE FOR YOU, THE BUYERS/SELLERS, TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK.   Ask PAYPAL: "Is my money insured and safe AND by what guarantee?"  They could not give you an honest answer!  Imagine that!!!!  I'm sorry to shout - but it is a terrible thing how the scam artists of EBAY and PAYPAL are allowed to illegally run roughshod over us Americans and steal our it five cents or thousands of times that.

Perminate Link for Listings Disappear from eBay Listings Disappear from eBay


Thu Dec 4 10:50:44 2008

Something Smells Bad with eBay's PayPal Glitches
by: George
"Glitches" - yeah right!!!  
I was one of the 'pinks' recently fired.  I think it's about time that the public know what a sham Paypal and Ebay have become.  Ebay owns Paypal. Except for very early on, the first few months of it's operation, paypal never had/have any glitches.  This is all to keep the buyers/sellers' money and gain revenue from it.  Of course, they do not pay interest to the buyers and sellers.  As for the reporting to the IRS, that's also baloney: IRS reporting is to start for the calendar year 2011.  These revenues now reported couldn't be included on any tax returns/reports.  That is all 'blather' - a lame excuse to cover up for their phony 'glitches'.
As stated, paypal is not a bank, not regulated by banking laws, and so far, not accountable for the money that they basically steal from sellers and buyers.  They have to be subjected and regulated by US banking laws.  They hold your's as if you gave your money to a stranger on the street and said 'hold this for me' and then you hoped that you would get it back.  That's a very simple equation, but also very very similar to what you run into with paypal and ebay.   After the elections are over and done with,  the new administration would definitely be friendlier to consumers (remember, Meg Whitman was a strong supporter of McCain - and vice excellent reason, alone, NOT to have cast a vote for McCain!).  But to get back on track, Paypal must be regulated and held accountable. The new politicians elected can remedy this once in office.  You see how Paypal operated differently in Australia with these fake 'glitches'.  They fear the legal backlash that they have already unleashed by their duplicity in Australia and cannot, there, get away with the lies that they spew out here in the States!  
Senator Christopher Dodd has just given a speech about the abuses of customers suffered at the hands of the banks and credit card companies.  He favors oversight and guidelines.  Write him about Paypal and Ebay...Ebay owns Paypal...and complain how this miserable company can operate and handle millions of dollars without oversight and regulation.  WRITE HIM.  The change will then come. Once Paypal is looked at, it never could operate as unlawfully as it does - case closed!

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