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Tue Jan 29 2008 07:57:17

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

By: David Steiner

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Feedback on eBay certainly has taken a few left turns since Pierre's initial concept that allowed trading partners to rate each other. In probably the most dramatic deviation, Sellers will no longer be allowed to leave Negative or Neutral feedback for Buyers. There are some other changes, which can be found here: but this is the most interesting paragraph:

What changes are being made to the eBay Feedback system?

There are five key elements to the new Feedback system being introduced in the first half of 2008:

   1. Beginning in February, buyers and sellers will be able to earn up to one Feedback per week from the same trading partner. Today, members may only affect each other's Feedback scores one time, regardless of the number of transactions between the parties. This change will both encourage repeat transactions and reward good service.
   2. Sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. This change will occur in May, 2008.
   3. Removal of negative and neutral Feedback left by members who are suspended or who fail to respond to the Unpaid Item Process (UPI).
   4. Positive Feedback percentage will be based on the past 12 months of Feedback, rather than lifetime, since it is most indicative of the seller's recent performance.
   5. Restrictions on when Feedback can be left:
          * Buyers must wait three days before leaving negative or neutral Feedback
          * Instead of 90 days, members will be able to leave Feedback for 60 days


We'll be speaking with John Donohoe later today, so if you have any specific questions, post them here before noon, and we'll try to incorporate the best ones in our interview.

Call 1-877-222-0856 and leave a 60 second message about what you think of these changes.



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Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Linda

Wed Jan 30 00:33:27 2008

I have sold on ebay for almost 10 years! I have gone through most of their growing pains and dealt with the increasing fee's...

I can live with the new fee's, etc... BUT not being able to leave negative feedback for a buyer! What is ebay thinking???!!!!!
I am a powerseller with over 6000+ fb and over 1000 repeat customers!.... and if ebay continues on with this... I will be leaving and going to another venue
I just signed up for
I will be gradually moving all my auctions to these sites along with ALL my repeat Buyers.... yes, I do have their email addresses and yes I will be letting them all know where to find me!
Ebay, Shame, shame, shame on you!
You are going against the core values that you brag about and that helped build ebay into the empire it is today.... By removing one of the crucial building blocks, you are asking for the whole thing to come tumbling down... if anyone has ebay stock, I would sell it now.... as it will be worthless before too long!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Xavier

Wed Jan 30 00:34:59 2008

I just pulled $7,563.22 out of PayPal.

I am a Power Seller but I can guarantee you if these feedback policy changes stand I wont list a think on eBay come May.

Overstock, Amazon, eBid are all very viable options. As is a private webstore.

Last month our fees for eBay were $1000.  Come may, I will put $1000 into online advertising and cut eBay out of my life completely.

If eBay thinks they can steamroll the midlevel sellers, they're right. But the company will go down in flames in 2008-2009 as a result.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Diana

Wed Jan 30 00:46:02 2008

All of this only demonstrates just how removed the upper echelon of eBay is from the actual marketplace.  

Crooked sellers will always find a way to list & sell on eBay.  The real effect of what they're doing is to drive away the decent mid-level sellers.  

We won't take our antiques to Amazon; it's not a good forum for that.  We'll go to our local auction house, & our eBay customers will simply miss out.  It's worth paying a higher hammer fee not to have to deal with shipping & this feedback nightmare.

eBay thinks punishing sellers will cause bidders to bid higher?  That's ludicrous.  Buyers will bid what they can afford to spend & everyone is going to be cautious with credit card purchases this year.    

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Doug

Wed Jan 30 00:50:04 2008

Ebay has clearly demonstrated where their passion lies. Slowly but surely sellers profits and buyers savings are eradicated by increased commissions. protection of sellers interest are non-existant. Move to now! They have no commissions,no listing fees and many extra features Plus a referral program that could double or quadruple your income within weeks! Take a serious look because this site is devoted to helping sellers make money and buyers save money.The feed back system is A number 1 too! By the way the site is Debt Free and isnt run by boards or share holders. It is NOW affordable and profitable to move. Move now because otherwise your future holds more of the same!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Tom

Wed Jan 30 00:51:10 2008

The antiques category is Extremely cutthroat.  I have seen sellers buy from other sellers using a separate ID just to trash their feedback.  

They have literally run some sellers off the market - due to hitting their feedback - to increase their own chances of selling.  eBay will not do anything about it.  Sad.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: flontngle

Wed Jan 30 00:55:55 2008

Well I hope they don't ditch the Dispute Console, because I plan on opening a dispute against any buyer that hassles's the only way of getting their name to my fellow sellers so they don't have to deal with deadbeats. I will also keep a list and offer it, in my auctions, to any buyer who wants to read it (assuming they don't remover the Contact Seller feature.) I will also put in feedback that says Positive, but the actual text will say ''No pay-don't buy from this person-Ebay says NO NEGS!'' or words to that effect. This is the most ludicrous decision they have made, and I think it will come back to bite them in the a** when the sales start to fall off. eBid here I come!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Ben

Wed Jan 30 01:10:58 2008

I'M A GOLD POWERSELLER ON 2 ACCOUNTS, AND I'M SWITCHING EVERYTHING OVER TO,,, Craigslist, and my own Webstore! I SHILL OUT $3,000 IN EBAY FEES EVERY MONTH. I'LL JUST PUT HALF OF THAT INTO ADVERTISING AND MAKE A LOT MORE. Thanks eBay for the motivation. By the way if I could I would give eBay a negative feedback.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Teri

Wed Jan 30 01:13:12 2008

It is going from bad to worse. Ebay raises fees, prohibits sellers from leaving negative feedback, requires them to use Paypal (which Ebay owns so they can make more money) and they try to spin it in a way that makes it look like it is a GOOD thing for sellers? It is beyond insulting. The SELLERS are the ones that are paying all of the $$ to Ebay, and yet they are treating us like we are a lot less important than buyers. I am going to be selling a LOT less on Ebay and actively looking for other auction sites. Somehow I don't think this is going to have a positive impact on Ebay's bottom line!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Debra

Wed Jan 30 01:48:27 2008

And the most hilarious part of it is, Ebay STILL has no idea why things are going south. I'm glad I didn't buy Ebay stock!

I've been thinking about going with alternative's to Ebay as well. I guess Ebay just made up my mind for me.

I predict the end of Ebay very soon.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: patricia

Wed Jan 30 01:56:22 2008

Unless I missed it, I haven't seen a post all day that agrees with the ebay changes....not here, not on ebay on any of the discussion boards there.  I've seen literally thousands of posts today - still looking to pick out that one post that agrees with ebay.  Now, what would a pollster call that?  Utter failure is what I call it.  Utterly out of touch with their customers - both buyers and sellers.  Ebay has thought this up in a desperate attempt to save themselves and this is far far from what will do that for them.  Everybody, but everybody who sells on ebay is now out hunting for alternatives!  Pigheaded as they are - ebay will continue down this same path until they are forced to change - that will only come when they've hit the skids as far as sales and their revenue is concerned.  So, my advice...join the rest of the sellers and look around for other venues.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Sammie

Wed Jan 30 01:58:38 2008

How shitty is that, WOW, everyone is roaring, Man, I dont blame anyone here, Now any buyer can leave a negative with no consequenses. WOW.

Fine alternatives asap.

Send out a flyer with every ebay sale pointing to your other option.

This is a DISASTER!.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: kcsunshine

Wed Jan 30 02:00:40 2008

Shouldn't the community be able to vote on these kind of drastic decisions? I strongly disagree with this crazy thought.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Karl

Wed Jan 30 02:03:31 2008

When is the no listing week, I will definitely not list my items in protest.

These changes are the the nail in the coffin of eBay.

For proof on how idiotic these changes and fee increases are, look at eBays stock performance of late. It will keep going down.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Ed

Wed Jan 30 02:06:35 2008

Ask : Dick Donohoe

#1. How many sellers (like myself) are not going to sell on ebay again until ebay hires someone who knows how to run a business properly, I've have enough of bogus Negs, harassment and extortion from bad buyers so why would i sell under such a ridiculous feedback system were i would get taken advantage of and scammed by buyers who know how to abuse an unfair feedback.

#2. Do you think this new unfair feedback system will be the death of ebay since any seller who sells under this change would be an absolute idiot, their feedback will get trashed and sales will drop.

#3. How many buyers and scammers do you expect to take advantage of this feedback system and destroy seller feedback in an attempt to reduce bidder interest and get items cheaper.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: JK

Wed Jan 30 02:07:02 2008

It's pretty obvious from reading the comments here that a CLEAR majority of eBay sellers (actually, almost ALL) are shocked and -- as the saying goes -- "mad as hell and not going to take it". I know I certainly was when I found out about this travesty of policy change.

We have between now and May before the new feedback policies go into effect. eBay sellers should band together in the meantime and let eBay know that we're VERY dissatisfied with these changes. If they're smart they'll listen, because it's the SELLERS that eBay makes money from (through listing fees and end of auction fees -- not even counting any premium extras), NOT the buyers. If eBay follows through with these changes, it will drive away sellers in droves, and thus eBay will lose massive amounts of money. If we're vocal in our demands now, it will preempt A LOT of chaos down the road.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Mary

Wed Jan 30 02:09:30 2008

When was the last time you went to Wal-mart, you bought something and when you got it home, you decided you didn't like it, you took it back and maybe got your money back but no, instead (under eBays new rules) you were able to hold the clerk hostage until she gave you a better one or, since you had the gun (negative feedback) she gave you even more value for your money and on top of that, a bank (paypal) was able to withhold the money paid  for the item, from Wal-mart (the seller) until the dispute was totally cleared up.  What do you think would happen to Wal-mart as a business?  They would have a lot of gun toting customers (buyers), they would lose a lot of money, be very stressed by the gun (negative feedback) and they would quickly or painfully slowly be out of business.    EBay has just given the buyer a gun (feedback) and every seller on eBay (even the saintly Michael) will be fair game.  To be fair, not every buyer will use it wrongly,  but power has the ability to corrupt.   Maybe every seller on eBay could contribute to an independent web site that posted a list of every bad buyer so every seller could then block them from their auction.  And Michael, we learn from history and if you remember, Rome fell and the bigger you are, the harder you fall.  I love eBay and I never wanted to see it fail but I, as a seller with 100% feedback, am feeling like a deer on the first day of deer season.  Run for cover!  Thanks Auctionbytes for the good work you do.  Thanks, (Ihatesnobs) you said what I wanted to say!  I doubt if he will get it though.  Maybe he will just play the fiddle until Rome burns?

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Joe

Wed Jan 30 02:11:38 2008

I am a gold powerseller of 9 years. eBay does NOT take care of their sellers. I simply cannot believe what eBay is doing. Raising fees, and no negatives for deadbeats? Silly DSR ratings, and a biased non seller performance policy that counts neutrals against the seller! I pay eBay $6000 to $8000 a month already. A fee increase is the absolute worst thing eBay could do. What a great move to stimulate the economy. Great move eBay!  I will be leaving eBay and spending my marketing dollars elsewhere. When the sellers are gone guess what? No more eBay.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Eric

Wed Jan 30 02:17:17 2008

The degree of response to this story is just unreal.  I wonder if the executives at ebay have any clue as to what they've done here.

Let me get this straight: You're profit/stock fall, so you implement changes in policy to remedy this.  However, this fall continues, due mostly to these changes, so you continue to further implement these anti-seller policies?  

Ebay has (had?) a unique, successful system going, but they seem hell-bent on destroying it with wild experimentation.  

It seems Meg did know what she was doing when she left.  I am a Power Seller and I am, for the first time in 4 years, likely to at least partially leave ebay as wel.

I hope someone from ebay is looking at the phenominal intensity of angry discourse here.  

You are messing with people's livelyhoods here.  But your greed will likley be your downfall.  Don't say you haven't been warned!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Its screw the seller game on eBay

Wed Jan 30 02:28:09 2008

Well im shocked. I have been burned by about 30 buyers, out of 200. them odds are enough to make sellers leave. I cannot give away my items... this is what i am going to do. I will leave a positive (since i have no choice)for every buyer that buys from me but... my positives are going to be something like this
F#@$ buyer—you'll not hear the words—idiot—inept—slow—dishonest—liar—scum

So if a buyer burns me ... well i must give pos or nothing.. The pos will be a worse neg than just a neg mark. where is the seller protection? like eBays brother paypal, i got sent rocks back in a box, i lost my money and my item, not much just 590.00.. and a trip to BBB online and FTC which did nothing. so your screwed if you sell on ebay. Just sell lower priced items and goto much much better, craigs list needs redone and whammo

Sellers should boycot ebay for a week or so. that will show them who pays the bills or paychecks of them ebay suits that make 2-400k a year. im done as soon as i get all loaded in amazon. I would love to see about 50% of the sellers on ebay to strike ;-)

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 02:28:29 2008

Yeah like we are supposed to trust eBay to be truthful as to their real intentions when they cant even tell the truth about actual total fee increases. eBay says the have reduced by 40% yet do the math and you see you are actually paying more. Then add in all the bad buyers who will now be able to give you unwarranted bad FB. I think they have a bunch of idiots doing drugs in the board room that thinks up this crap.

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