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Tue Jan 29 2008 07:57:17

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

By: David Steiner

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Feedback on eBay certainly has taken a few left turns since Pierre's initial concept that allowed trading partners to rate each other. In probably the most dramatic deviation, Sellers will no longer be allowed to leave Negative or Neutral feedback for Buyers. There are some other changes, which can be found here: but this is the most interesting paragraph:

What changes are being made to the eBay Feedback system?

There are five key elements to the new Feedback system being introduced in the first half of 2008:

   1. Beginning in February, buyers and sellers will be able to earn up to one Feedback per week from the same trading partner. Today, members may only affect each other's Feedback scores one time, regardless of the number of transactions between the parties. This change will both encourage repeat transactions and reward good service.
   2. Sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. This change will occur in May, 2008.
   3. Removal of negative and neutral Feedback left by members who are suspended or who fail to respond to the Unpaid Item Process (UPI).
   4. Positive Feedback percentage will be based on the past 12 months of Feedback, rather than lifetime, since it is most indicative of the seller's recent performance.
   5. Restrictions on when Feedback can be left:
          * Buyers must wait three days before leaving negative or neutral Feedback
          * Instead of 90 days, members will be able to leave Feedback for 60 days


We'll be speaking with John Donohoe later today, so if you have any specific questions, post them here before noon, and we'll try to incorporate the best ones in our interview.

Call 1-877-222-0856 and leave a 60 second message about what you think of these changes.



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Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: mysticalmadien

Tue Jan 29 14:17:47 2008

What a crazy idea!  This is will be like letting all the nuts loose!  Now buyers can do anything they want to the seller, even not pay and still leave a neg for the seller...  All the while the seller cannot do anything about it, but bend over and take it!!  I for one will not be here (hopefully) by then.  I am getting a second job its alot eaiser than dealing with ebay!  So now all those buyers who want free stuff, or get angry cause the seller won't overnight it at our expence, or send them a partial refund while they keep the item, can just ruin the seller!  HOW NICE FOR THE BUYERS!  Ebay is not fun anymore, and it more trouble than its worth.....

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Sandra

Tue Jan 29 14:23:21 2008

I agree with the comments above.  I am in favor of a boycott.

I have 100% Positive feedback and work hard for it.  But this is unfair to the people that Ebay earns their income from.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: JF

Tue Jan 29 14:25:15 2008

Don't you guys get it?  Another way for ebay to increase the fees on sellers if  we all do a great job we will never achieve the 4.8 DSR that entitles us to a 15% discount off Final Value Fees.  A bone to strive for that will never materialize.  We will be lucky to see 4.6 DSR ratings for 5% off fees.  Get ready for those that have perfect feedback, you will never ever see it again.  Buyers will eat us alive!!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Vicki

Tue Jan 29 14:27:33 2008

What about the seller's ability to block buyers based on the BUYER'S feedback? How will the seller know whether this buyer has been a good buyer worth selling to, if we can't read THEIR feedback?

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: DVD Wizards

Tue Jan 29 14:33:29 2008

We will be leaving eBay. We have buyers who try to receive free DVDs, we have buyers who do not read the auction on ship times and leave a negative if it isn't there in three days. We have buyers who try to extort things with negatives. This will only get worse. Ebay will now become what it was, a garage sale with no sellers. This comes at a time where our whopping discount is .05 on auctions, and 15% on a DSR no one can hit, because buyers are allowed to vote against you on shipping charges and shipping time, which is something they agree to in the beginning. Ebay will have no more sellers left, and honestly, I think this is what they want.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Just Sick

Tue Jan 29 14:36:36 2008

AN ACTUAL CASE:  Bidder bought two books and has not paid.  I sent 9 emails and 3 long distance calls.  Promises to pay but does not.  

She's a deadbeat buyer and she continues to buy on Ebay but if I can't leave feedback about her, this is a terrible injustice to other sellers.  And, Ina's other story says Ebay now experiencing 10% deadbeat bidders.

I've refrained from leaving neg feedback because I have 320 sales with 97% positive and a few unfair, retaliation neg feedbacks will hurt me badly.  

I only sell a few items a month.  Small GOOD Sellers (antiques) like me are going to leave Ebay if this new system goes into effect.  

What a bungling bunch of out-of-touch computer nerds running Ebay.  I will disappear and they will never know nor will they care who I was.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Lynnie

Tue Jan 29 14:41:33 2008

My stock is SOLD and re-invested. They have succeeded in ONE thing; I am going to list everything I currently have to sell so that it ends before this incompetent president's insults take effect. This will help their SHORT TERM PROFITS. However, just prior to May I will be completely gone from eBay along with many.  Perhaps they won't feel my little $1,500 - $2,000 I give them every month but I do believe they will feel it when it is multiplied by the majority of their sellers' payments.  This is exactly what should be expected any time a business has a monopoly and a leader without a conscience nor any sense of accountability to the working stiffs.  They will no longer make their profits off my aching back.
I have emailed every news station in my area, I hope many of you have done the same.  And please, if you know eBay stockholders, advise them soon before they lose everything they have invested. eBay's Marketing headline ''lowering seller fees'' which is a blatant lie will be aced by ''eBay changes core business model - sellers leaving en masse and threatening legal action''.  It is correct to assume no sellers=no buyers=no profits.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Les

Tue Jan 29 14:41:36 2008

I'm leaving ebay as a seller.  I closed my store in 2006 when they jacked up the Store FVF to 10%, and that eliminated my PowerSeller status, because since then, I now only sell about 1 or 2 ebay auctions per week.

Now the FVF's are going higher AGAIN?

Furthermore, the new feedback thing is so dumb and unfair to sellers, that I would leave ebay for that reason alone, even if ebay didn't up the FVF fees.


Do these people have any management or customer service experience at all ???
Time to short ebay stock !

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: mavrrik

Tue Jan 29 14:41:56 2008

ABSOLUTELY REDUNDANT!  Example:  A buyer purchased item from my store Dec. 22, 2007.  He's been telling me for OVER 1 MONTH that money order has been sent!  Today is January 29 - no payment.  I've filed AND received my FVF refund!  I wouldn't be able to leave him a neg and warn other sellers, but he could leave me one if he decided to?  Even though he has NO reason to?  This is SO RIDICULOUS, I can't even believe time is being WASTED on this NONSENSE!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: David Searles

Tue Jan 29 14:42:00 2008

It is frighteningly incompetent to change the feedback system in this way.
1. Now buyers can blackmail sellers.
2. Anyone can bid down an item to sabotage an auction, with no intention of paying.
3. Sellers will have no means of knowing who they are dealing with, puting the seller at risk in transactions based on trust.
The new CEO is brain-dead and should be fired immediately.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Anonymous Ex Ebay Member

Tue Jan 29 14:44:13 2008

Scenerio A:

1. Buyer wins auction
2. Buyer decides not to pay
3. Sellers files UPI dispute
4. Buyer responds ''I'm still not paying''
5. Buyer leaves seller a negative
6. Seller cannot leave buyer a negative

Scenerio B:

1. Buyer wins auction
2. Buyer does not pay
3. Seller files UPI dispute
4. Buyer tells seller that if a strike is issued, he will give seller negative feedback
5. Seller closes dispute with no strike given out of fear of getting negative
6. Buyer gets no strike for not paying
7. Buyer still able to leave negative
8. Seller still unable to leave negative

These scenerios will happen ALL the time with this new FB rule leaving GOOD sellers unwarranted negative FB and lower ratings.  This will allow buyers to choose what they will or will not pay for!!!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Dan

Tue Jan 29 14:48:15 2008

Does anyone trust these fools to police non-paying bidders? They promise, increased enforcement, but we all know that means jack and squat.

The people paying their salaries is the stockholders, not sellers and this move is designed to ensure strict compliance!

Good riddance just blew it big time

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Cary

Tue Jan 29 14:48:43 2008

One sided Feedback wont work.  It is not even a system anymore. Stupid decision and business choice.  I hope Ebay gets knocked right on it's ass and loses everything.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Justine

Tue Jan 29 14:53:46 2008

As a seller, I frequently check a buyer's feedback before deciding if I wish to do business with them, especially if they are new. I check feedback of everyone who makes an offer on one of my items before accepting the offer- to see if I'm apt to have a non-payment problem. I RELY on the buyer's feedback just as much as they rely on mine. Plus, where is MY Protection from getting unscrupulous buyers! I do not have a feedback problem. My feedback is 99.8 with all 4.8s and 4.9s. But this is the last straw.  I'm tired of being treated like a criminal by a company I PAY every month! I wouldn't do business with any other company that treated me like this. Plan B just got fast-tracked. By May, my store will be history.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Stephanie

Tue Jan 29 14:55:05 2008

Where is my recourse as a seller if the buyer feels like stringing me along for 4 weeks?  Where is my recourse if after contacting the buyer 14 times in order to be paid, the buyer feels like being nasty because he/she was hounded by me and decides to be spiteful and leave negative FB.  I as the seller have lost any and all leverage.  There is no incentive for a buyer to pay in a timely manner because it doesn't matter.  The buyer is now running the show and can leave negative feedback "just because".  Sellers are being stripped of all protection if this change takes place.  I think it's disgusting.  What else can eBay possibly take from sellers.  I don't care how many happy buyers there are.  Without sellers, there is nothing for those buyers to purchase.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Unhappy seller

Tue Jan 29 14:55:36 2008

Just great ebay! Now there will be more buyers demanding a partial refund or the item for free or else they will leave a negative! Where are the sellers protections against this? Buyers are not your customers the sellers are who paid your stinking high fees! Sure give all the power to the buyers who don't pay a single fee to you!! This is insane!

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: J

Tue Jan 29 14:56:47 2008

I, as a seller, have absolutely no incentive anymore to leave a buyer feedback. Why bother? I could care less if they leave me a positive now, and they don't I am powerless to do anything about it? Why doesn't eBay AUTOMATICALLY leave the buyer a negative when the seller files a complaint for no payment? That seems like a fair compromise. All these changes suck. My profits just went down about 40% because of the fee change structure and the average sell through value of my items. It's a waste of time working for this company.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Isa

Tue Jan 29 14:57:18 2008

1) We never file UPI disputes because we are afraid the person will leave us negative.  Offering to remove the negative if the buyer "doesn't respond" to the UPI doesn't help us at all!  How do we know they won't respond?  They can easily just respond and make up some lie!  The whole UPI system is just eBay's way of making sellers do their dirty work - figuring out which buyers are deadbeats, while putting our own reputations as sellers on the line.  

2) Also, the announcement doesn't specify whether we will still be able to leave comments in our positive feedback ratings for buyers.  Are we now going to have to leave a positive and then say "NON-PAYING BIDDER," etc.?  Then we could on some level communicate with other sellers, but it would make it pretty time consuming.


Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: JoeS

Tue Jan 29 15:03:43 2008

What a mess, management is going about this all wrong and more users will end up leaving. Just like what happened during the store-to-core debacle.

Management should have concentrated on incentives that rids the site of bad sellers and reward good sellers. The positive buyer experience will happen through natural market forces this way.

Ebay's sellers are their customers and that is where their focus should be. The good sellers will take care of their customers. Ebay management meddling where they shouldn't be is only going to result in another disaster, like the store-to-core debacle.

What a mess.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: hharper1321

Tue Jan 29 15:03:57 2008

I'm only a small volume, Silver Powerseller without an eBay Store. I have 100% positive feedback (996 unique, 2600+ total). I ship via flat fee, very prominently stated and ship the same day when I can. I always pack to the highest standard, and yet my DSR's for Shipping are dinged down to 4.6. Why? I guess because I don't offer free shipping. I can't. Packing materials and my time and gas to get to the PO costs money! I was considering getting a Store and really expanding my business (antiques, coins and collectibles) this year. Unfortunately, these new changes will leave me open to deceit and blackmail since 100% of what I sell is ''used'', and collectible, which would seem to me the perfect type of merchandise for eBays new ''feelgood'' buyers/scammers to go after. Well, at least eBay made it easy for me. No Store for me, and soon, no listings at all. Why should I put myself out there when any scam artist or jerk with a chip on their shoulder can ruin the feed back and reputation I've worked very hard to build, not to mention cost me money and product. Nope that's it. eBay, you've lost another! I'll go back to selling at local fleamarkets before you get my business again!

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