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Fri May 19 2006 10:33:20

Pop Goes the Weasel?

By: David Steiner

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The auction site with the funny-sounding name is back. We know it's back because we've received several emails asking why we haven't written about it yet.

Here's the answer. We know its back, and frankly, we don't care.

This is the second incarnation of the "site with the funny sounding name." The first one lasted about a week, leaving a trail of disappointed sellers in its wake.

That kind of track record makes it difficult to take a re-launch seriously. But what make us approach any new site like this with some trepidation is the way the re-launch was announced. A marketing email was sent to "the thousands of people who showed interest in and support for our desire to provide a real and lasting online auction alternative."

Interesting. In February 2005, when asked what would happen to the information of its users, the founder of this site stated, "The site software, data, and information have been wiped clean from the servers." Yet evidently, there must have been a back-up of the email addresses.

The other problem I have with any site that asks for a user's personal information is when that site's own contact information is sketchy. In January, the site with the funny name was registered in New York, but after that, the registrant became a "Whois Privacy Customer." That hardly instills trust or confidence in a venue. ("Trust me, but I don't trust you!")

It's impossible to vet every company we write about, but our policy has been to always verify the WhoIs registration information and search for the registrant's name to look for any signs of trouble. If a business won't reveal their identity, we won't write about it.

We are also skeptical about companies that don't issue announcements about the launch of their services. Not only is it suspect, it's pretty bad marketing.

That's why you won't read about the launch of "the site with the funny-sounding name" on AuctionBytes.

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Perminate Link for Pop Goes the Weasel?   Pop Goes the Weasel?

by: Jason

Fri May 19 10:58:26 2006

I know the site you are reffering to, the ''W'' auction. That is interesting, I do remember a note on the site stating all information was wiped clean, deleted. I assumed that meant names, addresses, email address and credit card numbers. I was registered there for the short time the site was open. Scary to know that ALL of the information was not deleted, wonder which information was kept, and what was ''DELETED'' ???

Thanks for the update! ;)

Perminate Link for Pop Goes the Weasel?   Pop Goes the Weasel?

by: Karen T

Mon May 22 11:11:22 2006

The owner claimed last year that all user's information was wiped clean and no longer exists, yet he magically remembered thousands of email addresses to spam people a year later.  He told an untruth about deleting user's information (email address) which tells me that the rest of the user's information was not deleted. So the disturbing question is what he is doing with all the credit card numbers and expiry dates he collected from his users last year as that info was a requirement back then to register? A disturbing thought isn't it to know that people's credit card information is floating around and could be used at any time?

Perminate Link for Pop Goes the Weasel?   Pop Goes the Weasel?

by: SneakyDave

Mon May 22 11:20:10 2006

Ray Romeo's a fraud and a weasel! Maybe a bigger weasle than a fraud

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