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Wed Feb 15 2006 00:27:42

Businessweek Writer (Almost) Ripped off on eBay

By: Ina Steiner

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Businessweek writer Rob Hof posted on his blog on February 6th that he had purchased a CD from Glacier Bay DVD on eBay in early January. He had yet to receive the CD, and wondered why the company had become NARU (link).

On Tuesday, Rob said he was satisfied because he received a check from BuySafe, the company that bonds trusted merchants on eBay (link).

I talk to many reporters who say eBay tells them fraud is not a significant problem on the site, since less than one one-hundredth of one percent of transactions results in a confirmed case of fraud. (Confirmed being the key word, btw.)

Now Rob knows one of a few good reasons why eBay can quote this low statistic. He writes, "'s quite possible a lot of people didn't file within the 30-day period following the close of a transaction. I barely made it myself, because I took eBay's advice to be patient about logging complaints, and because shipments by Media Mail often can take up to two weeks to arrive. A ripoff is still a ripoff after 30 days, so a lengthier filing period seems reasonable."

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by: chris

Wed Feb 15 21:59:59 2006

Looks like eBay's getting a little competition.  Maybe is the place to go.

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by: Lee Berkovits

Mon Mar 6 06:55:50 2006

Sadly, fraud is rampant on Ebay.  Thousands of items are listed and sold daily that are misdescribed by the sellers as to authenticity, time of manufacture, who the maker was, etc.  I am not talking about errors in listings, mistakes made in ignorance, or similar situations.  I am talking about sellers who knowingly sell fakes, reproductions, and fantasy items without telling the buyers what they are getting.  Who are deliberately leading the buyers into thinking that what they are bidding on is a genuine item.  Ebay has repeatedly refused to do anything about this sort of thing in the past, and continues to do nothing as of today.  Thousands upon thousands of complaints repeatedly made to Ebay have fallen on deaf ears.  

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by: E.Thomas

Sun Feb 25 11:09:50 2007

If you are ripped off on eBay do not expect eBay , PayPal or SquareTrade to do anything about it! They are all connected! Their revenue is based on fees from every seller they don't make one cent from buyers! If you want their help with any results you will pay a fee! Ebay makes it easy for sellers to run scams this is why its so widespread.

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