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Friday May 29, 2015
More Regulation Could Impact Etsy Sellers, Small Businesses
Online sellers of handmade soap, lotions and cosmetics are concerned they could be wiped out ...

Wednesday May 27, 2015
eBay Can Save Etsy from Amazon's Anticompetitive Practices
Etsy needs to cuddle up to eBay, according to a Wall Street analyst. Ross Gerber, CEO of Gerber Kaw ...

Saturday May 23, 2015
Amazon Won't Change Delivery Times for Media
Earlier this month, some sellers received an email from Amazon informing them that beginning June 1 ...

Wednesday May 20, 2015
Please Don't Encourage Impaired Shopping
Online sellers could probably fill a book with the excuses they've gotten from buyers trying to bac ...

Sunday May 17, 2015
Should Homeland Security Be Raiding Flea Markets?
We're reminded that as flea market season gears up, the agency tasked with cracking down on terrori ...

Sunday May 10, 2015
Factors That Make It Possible to Charge Higher Prices
Sellers of handmade goods were discussing in a recent thread how upsetting it was to be told by peo ...

Wednesday May 6, 2015
How Important Is Diversification to a Small Seller?
Etsy Seller Handbook is a useful resource, and yesterday it included an interesting post by one of ...

Friday May 1, 2015
eBay Pulls Traffic Reports Leaving Sellers in the Lurch
eBay is pulling sellers' access to traffic reports as of June 30th. The reports are the equivalent ...