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Tue July 12 2022 20:30:10

Amazon Flags High Risk Orders: Good News - Bad News for Sellers

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon began flagging high-risk orders last month. On the face of it, the new feature can be helpful to sellers - but, it does come at a price.

As of June 23, Amazon began using machine learning technology to identify orders at high risk of being reported as "not received" or "lost." It does so by analyzing "hundreds of signals," such as delivery problems, item value, and delivery address.

Amazon flags the orders deemed high-risk with a recommendation to sellers to send them using signature confirmation required. "If you proceed with the recommendation, the cost of the signature confirmation service will ... Read More

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Fri July 8 2022 08:57:41

Is Social Commerce a Myth?

By: Ina Steiner

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Ecommerce guru Juozas Kaziuk─Śnas of Marketplace Pulse said commerce taking place on social networks aren't "social" at all - they are ad platforms, not commerce platforms. 

In a tweet last week, he shared a screenshot and wrote: "All social networks have launched social commerce.. and it all looks the same. And none of it is "social". Here are top 5 apps in the US, which is which? (They all generate e-commerce sales, but almost exclusively as ad platforms, not commerce platforms)."

Marketplace sellers have been selling online the longest - what has your experience been? Do sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ... Read More

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Wed July 6 2022 20:53:22

Etsy Pulls Plug on Free Listings Giveaway

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy appears to have ended the chance for sellers to take advantage of a free-listing promotion, and some who had already opted in to the promotion said their remaining free listings vanished.

Etsy had shared a code (100newforetsy) as part of an invitation to take a survey. Recipients could use the code to activate a promotion to receive 100 free listings, as long as they were new listings.

Some recipients of the invitation shared the code, and it went viral over the long holiday weekend. By Wednesday, sellers who had not received the code directly from Etsy but had added ... Read More

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Mon July 4 2022 08:52:01

Amazon Rolls Out USPS Shipping Rate Hike a Week Early

By: Ina Steiner


Amazon sellers got a surprise on Friday when they printed USPS Media Mail shipping labels. Instead of costing $3.19, Amazon showed the rate as $3.49.

A seller reported the issue on Ecommerce EKG, writing in part, "On my Shipments on Friday July 1st Amazon charged me the new rate by USPS, but they aren't suppose to be effective until July 10th."

The problem has yet to be fixed - a reader experienced the problem on Sunday evening: "I just printed a shipping label for an order I sold on Amazon 10 Oz Media Mail which should be $3.19 and ... Read More

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Fri July 1 2022 21:01:30

Etsy Surveys Sellers about Controversial Offsite Ad Program

By: Ina Steiner


Update 7/2/2022: The Etsy survey on Offsite Ads we referenced below was actually conducted in 2020, not this year. (Thanks to readers for alerting us.)

Etsy does solicit feedback from sellers about the program, however, as one seller noted this week ("I've done several surveys where one of the questions has been "do you use Offsite Ads," and then there are follow-up questions. Well, yes, I "use" them, but only because I have no choice. And there's no way to indicate that I would not be using them otherwise. It bugs me every time").

Let us know what you think of ... Read More

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