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 May 19, 2023
  14:22 PM
Noticing many "out for delivery" scans 1-2 hours AFTER delivery on eBay that do NOT show on USPS. Now seeing "out for delivery" on eBay supposedly at 3:46pm today. It is 2:20pm my time, 11:20am in the time zone scanned. 3:46 scan is NOT on USPS.

Reported By: lessthanthreerecords
Are you experiencing this issue?
lessthanthreerecords Verified
May 22, 2023
  23:09 PM
@GetAGrip, it's a major concern because it assists fraudulent claims. "Out for delivery" scan ends up as the most recent scan (AFTER "delivered"). Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together could see it was delivered, but not most eBay reps.

Actual Seller Verified
May 22, 2023
  02:37 AM
Not sure of glitch... always has been delayed.

Lightning Verified
May 21, 2023
  23:16 PM
The scans are a "bit" off these days.  I was looking up an inbound shipment just after midnight EST, and the scan said 3:10 AM EST same date, 3 hours in the future! They're scanning at a time that hasn't even occurred yet.  It's all wacky.

COVID-19 Verified
May 19, 2023
  21:05 PM
Yes.  This big problem!  Something related to this.  https://www.ecommercebytes.com/C/letters/blog.pl?/pl/2023/5/1684347727.html

GetAGrip Verified
May 20, 2023
  17:03 PM
As long as you get the item what are you whining for.  Who cares what time the scan is.  You should probably find some other hobby instead of sitting in front of the computer looking at scans.