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 November 03, 2022
  17:23 PM
Another Listing Page FAILURE; this time it's shipping.  I had item listed with calcualted shipping but it only shows "Local Pickup" when viewed. I turned that off; still broken. Ended and relistemd; still broken. I will have to create new listing.

Reported By: Volvo351
Are you experiencing this issue?
Volvo351 Verified
November 03, 2022
  20:22 PM
Had an extended chat with a feeBay Indian on this. He admits it's busted, but can't say when they'll fix it.

lessthanthreerecords Verified
November 03, 2022
  23:14 PM
I don't use calculated shipping, but I'm still having issues not being able to enter USPS First Class without entering a weight. Sometimes it works fine, but it's a problem much of the time still.

Lightning Verified
November 06, 2022
  20:24 PM
Why are you still listing through eBay??? Nothing but problems before, now, and forever.  Get off of that and enjoy some peace of mind.