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 July 23, 2022
  16:56 PM
Google Analytics have been static on the Home page for 3 days now.
Stuck in Weekly. Shows a constant 7 day report up to the latest previous day.
Can't bring up Today or Yesterday.
Anyone else having this problem ?

Reported By: The End
Are you experiencing this issue?
The End Verified
July 24, 2022
  08:42 AM
Whoever gave this a thumbs down is an idiot. I'm REPORTING A PROBLEM Einstein. The problem still persists.

HappyPicker Verified
July 28, 2022
  09:17 AM
The thumbs up and down are answers to the question asked, "Are you experiencing this issue?" At this point the answers are 1 yes and 5 no.  I have multiple Google Analyics accounts and they aren't experiencing this issue, so 1 thumb down.