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 July 02, 2022
  08:34 AM
I closed my store for a few days. Today I wanted to open it and remove the message, but the bookmark no longer worked. I finally did a google search to find out how to manage my store! Turns out is is now under hub/overview/selling tools, end of pg.

Reported By: gemjane
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COVID-19 Verified
July 02, 2022
  18:17 PM
Speaks volumes about just how bad eBay's website is when people have to use an external source such as Google to search within eBay.

Lightning Verified
July 02, 2022
  19:06 PM
It's been there for a long time, maybe 2 years.  Usually people never use that link, find it more conveniently on their store page.  If you used the Time Away link, shouldn't be a problem. You could  get to your own store from any Ended listing.

Marie Verified
July 05, 2022
  14:14 PM
The OP's statement is a bit confusing as it is two completely different functions, "closed my store" & put the store on vaca. If you use the Time away function, you can always find it again in your Site Preferences to update it.