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 November 29, 2021
  11:30 AM
eBay Standard Envelope no longer available for postcards, trade cards, etc. Buyer selected it for an item sold this morning and I couldn't print the label. Support informed me USPS canceled that service. Have to send with stamp and no tracking now.

Reported By: bxlr
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Silver Ice King Verified
November 29, 2021
  20:26 PM
If in fact that service has been cancelled by USPS then Ebay should be making a huge announcement just like they did when they announced the programs establishment.  But knowing Ebay they will never make any announcement about this.

COVID-19 Verified
November 30, 2021
  05:26 AM
"USPS canceled that service". Well, that was quick!  Didn't this service start only about a year ago?  Maybe USPS wasn't making money on it or something.....Who would have thought?

bxlr Verified
November 30, 2021
  10:54 AM
When I talked to support by phone, I was first told USPS canceled the service. Then the issue was referred to as a glitch and they were working on it. Which is it? The eBay Standard Envelope option was grayed out and unavailable to select.

angryllama Verified
December 02, 2021
  08:11 AM
Not to sound "mean" to those who embraced this USPS rate deal, but seriously.... was there EVER even so much as ONE WORD of Good News on this one?  All I remember reading here was problem after disappointment after problem. Lather Rinse Repeat.