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 November 04, 2021
  19:35 PM
As of last 2 weeks, eBay is forcing me to "verify I am human" with "select the motor home" type photos. This happens several times a day on 2 accounts, 2 computers and 3 browsers.

Reported By: Actual Seller
Are you experiencing this issue?
eastwestphoto Verified
November 08, 2021
  08:56 AM
Ditto, WTH

Bill Verified
November 04, 2021
  22:46 PM
Whenever I go to log on I have to do the captcha.

COVID-19 Verified
November 05, 2021
  01:07 AM
eBay so fearful of bots buying sh*t on eBay all the while it relishes using bots itself to be judge and jury on buyer vs. seller disputes.  Hypocrite much, eBay?

Actual Seller Verified
November 05, 2021
  15:47 PM
Bots are NOT their problem. Thieves, liars, China, Dropshippers, and even terrible sellers are their problems. I would rather sell to an AI Bot that acquired some BTC than a scammer.

lessthanthreerecords Verified
November 05, 2021
  16:00 PM
Me too, except it's been WAY longer than 2 weeks. Then I get an e-mail saying there's been "new sign in activity." Always the same device in the same location (I only have one computer and don't use mobile).