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 October 11, 2021
  01:17 AM
Saving an unfinished draft I find when I return to complete it that there may be 5 copies of the same draft. Oddly, only one may have the information that I had entered.I have to go thru all  to find the one with my entries.

Reported By: Alexdgr8
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airbrake Verified
October 11, 2021
  23:08 PM
This has been occurring since December - January. Informed CS, ticket started, Ebay non-techs never attended to the problem. Ebay, if your not going to keep Drafts working then just the whole system, we'll pay a third party for service, raise prices.

Lightning Verified
October 13, 2021
  17:25 PM
Agree with Airbrake.  Get some good auction management software and kiss the eBay problems goodbye.  I use Auctiva for listing, Pirate Ship for making labels, zero problems.