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 August 05, 2021
  19:31 PM
eBay made a recent change to managing store categories and now categories are not displayed at all in my store. Anyone else having this issue?

Reported By: Austiners
Are you experiencing this issue?
IAmNoOne Verified
August 05, 2021
  20:31 PM
I came here to report the exact same thing. The only category remaining (besides "All") is "Other." When I go to the revise screen for a listing, the categories are still selected properly.

Smallseller Verified
August 05, 2021
  21:09 PM
This is happening to me as well.

Shanna Verified
August 05, 2021
  22:30 PM
How is this helping sellers?

vpernin Verified
August 06, 2021
  04:34 AM
Same problem here ...

Mr. Doc Verified
August 06, 2021
  11:45 AM
Same here.  The way it works is they make the changes and we find the glitches for them. In the end they save time and money but take their time to fix the glitches or they can never reproduce the errors on their end.  Nothing new.

oldglassman Verified
August 07, 2021
  00:56 AM
Yep, same thing in my store. Also all the filter capabilities you see on a listing is showing where the categories would be.