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 June 13, 2021
  13:19 PM
past 2 days when printing a usps shipping label, I get this error msg: "Please be aware that USPS is experiencing issues at the moment. We apologise for any inconvenience and if affected, ask that you try again later." But i can still print the label

Reported By: 1desertrat1
Are you experiencing this issue?
Bill Verified
June 14, 2021
  00:21 AM
use Stamps.com for printing. The IT idiots at eBay have no clue how to write a good program

leavingNY Verified
June 14, 2021
  05:04 AM
Same exact problem here, several defects for items shipped over Memorial day weekend thru Ebay labels. Ebay for buusiness on Facebook BLOCKED me on a public forum which is illegal. Ebay sucks for sellers. Horrifying to do business with.

COVID-19 Verified
June 14, 2021
  22:18 PM
Maybe this is to be taken as a sign that eBay and USPS suck.  And to buy shipping labels from FedEx and UPS instead.

Lightning Verified
June 15, 2021
  23:40 PM
Agree with Bill above 100%.  Go t Stamps.com or Pirateship.com.  They konow what they are doing, no monthly fees, same commercial rates as eBay.  Works just about 100% of the time.  Ditch eBay, or use it only as a last resort.  Make your life easier.