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 June 09, 2021
  15:15 PM
Some of eBay's "suggested" item specifics show on an active listing even after being removed from the create listing page. In the vinyl records category, they seem particularly fond of "LP" for artist and "Please Please Me" for album title.

Reported By: lessthanthreerecords
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Bill Verified
June 10, 2021
  23:13 PM
They never listen to any bad reports. They have no clue at all as to what is the correct item specific.

lessthanthreerecords Verified
June 13, 2021
  07:16 AM
BMTOKC: I did. As is typical with eBay, they promised a followup which they never followed through on.

spooky Verified
June 13, 2021
  12:42 PM
what they have done to the records category is simply incredible. a billion dollar company making completely nonsensical decisions. you list a 45 and it will now be mandatory album name? that is just one example

angryllama Verified
June 13, 2021
  22:53 PM
spooky, Yes, I understand your pain as even IF you did the research to recognize on WHICH albums EITHER side appeared on, it would cause trouble when BUYER "mistook" that info for EXPECTING to receive the ALBUM vs. the 45rpm single. Use DoesNotApply