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 April 06, 2021
  00:37 AM
eBay Messages are not being received.  Confirmed with eBay Support.  They see several messages from customers that never got to me the seller.  First time discovered was today.  This also was first week I saw the warning about messaging enforcement.

Reported By: myfriendhenry
Are you experiencing this issue?
at.world Verified
April 07, 2021
  19:01 PM
YES- same here. But already since days !

Actual Seller Verified
April 09, 2021
  22:06 PM
YES! I just got flooded with 8 messages from a week+ ago, called eBay, they said they know. They are not informing anyone so sellers take the hit.

poor_ebayer Verified
April 10, 2021
  08:16 AM
YES! Received negative feedback because i have not replied with a solution after a week. Them messages i had to reply arrived week later after negative feedback was received. Contacted eBay support, but they refused to help and played innocent.