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 January 13, 2021
  16:48 PM
Some images on my store page are being automatically cropped and missing important elements. Seems to be happening with images that are taller than they are wide. Full image shows in listing, but for art, this is very problematic!

Reported By: lessthanthreerecords
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COVID-19 Verified
January 13, 2021
  22:21 PM
eBay don't care about no artsy fartsy intellectual stuff. After all, those two genius titans Amazoo and Malwart don't sell arts, do they? eBay wants all sellers to only carry generic junk just like those two.

angryllama Verified
January 15, 2021
  06:15 AM
Are you seeing this on BOTH your phone and laptop? MIGHT be that you cropped your photo "too tall" x "too narrow. Copy of UR pics that does this and RE-Crop as a SQUARE photo w/xtra space on both sides. Then UPLOAD rejiggered one 2 C if BETTER.

bb6 Verified
January 15, 2021
  11:33 AM
lessthanthreerecords is 100% correct. Ebay recently updated some software & they don't realize it affected inside the store view. It cuts down top bottom and sides. A ticket has been opened. Call and report it so we can all have this fixed ASAP!

lessthanthreerecords Verified
January 16, 2021
  14:17 PM
angryllama-As stated, this is occurring only on images that are taller than they are wide, so your suggestion would likely work. However, that means re-editing 1,000 photos and that will only work until ebay decides on their NEXT unannounced "update"