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 November 15, 2020
  22:34 PM
USPS complete a "help request form" under find missing mail is down for 2 days. USPS either stopped accepting requests to find mail or it is down. Anyone else having this issue?

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COVID-19 Verified
November 16, 2020
  21:27 PM
USPS = Incompetent as usual.  And now doesn't want to take responsibility?

MichaelP Verified
November 19, 2020
  01:26 AM
I had the same problem. Sent package PM 9 days ago by carrier pickup from parcel locker. No tracking still, unable to submit help request for days, but did submit missing mail search request which has gone totally unanswered after 45 1/2 hours.

Rstpete Verified
November 19, 2020
  17:22 PM
Same here and I have almost a dozen orders with tracking that just stops.  Some for over 20 days

comments Verified
November 19, 2020
  19:39 PM
Just following up with my issue noted above. It looks like USPS updated their page and left the dead link under contact us by missing mail. Click the contact us at the bottom of the page under "helpful links" and it should work.

Actual Seller Verified
November 20, 2020
  04:02 AM
Doesn't matter. They only email back 2 weeks later saying "it was likely delivered but not scanned".