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 October 17, 2020
  19:26 PM
I have an open item as a seller in the Resolution Center, as a buyer asked to cancel the sale.

A week after I cancelled the sale it was still in the resolution center. "Details" gives me a red ! and an error message with wrong info. CS rep confirms.

Reported By: HenryS137
Are you experiencing this issue?
angryllama Verified
October 18, 2020
  14:43 PM
Something like 6 weeks I've had Cascade of similar EBAY messages where they PERSIST in showing that I still SHIP items where Bizarro Buyers bought then Requested to Cancel right after paying. At least twice CANCEL came 5 min after full payment Jeeze

rudestar Verified
October 20, 2020
  15:12 PM
If you have printed an ebay label do not cancel as ebay will not remove late shipping dings.