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 October 15, 2020
  18:46 PM
Buyers being undercharged for FedEx. I've had 2 labels this week that came up as a higher estimate than the buyer was charged for shipping by more than 2$. Weight and dimensions were correct in listing.

Reported By: thriftyattireandstuff
Are you experiencing this issue?
up74 Verified
October 16, 2020
  10:01 AM
Same here.

angryllama Verified
October 17, 2020
  06:09 AM
AVOID MOBILE APP. Ebay is now SUGGESTING rate classes no matter WHAT you specify. They also do it to SELLER once presented with BUYING ship labels. OFTEN wrong one is displayed. Esp.true for EXPORT labels.

thriftyattireandstuff Verified
October 19, 2020
  00:30 AM
ANGRYLLAMA.. DIE IN A FIRE! You are the devil's advocate.. I could tell you the sky in blue and you'd tell me it's chartruese..  I have never ever used the mobile app to make one listing! You are likely a trump voter who believes in fucking QAnon