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 October 08, 2020
  13:04 PM
I have been having trouble with Seller Page using Safari as my browser all week. Today it will not load at all. I restarted the computer but same. I can get it to work using Chrome. But I prefer Safari

Reported By: spooky
Are you experiencing this issue?
yesmikan Verified
October 12, 2020
  02:47 AM
I've noticed lately that using the "Sell Similar" feature in Firefox causes the description box to propagate as blank about 50% of the time (instead of copying the previous item description). Chrome reduces the problem. But I would prefer Firefox.

Saveorganics Verified
October 14, 2020
  13:51 PM
cant load seller page in safari either. only page that doesnt work-looked up the error i was getting "web content kit..."-followed all the advice i could find to fix the problem (deleting cookies, history, cache, ect) nothing worked. really bothersom