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 October 07, 2020
  22:59 PM
eBay not providing purchase details to PayPal when buying from a merchant on managed payments. So the email from PayPal no longer identifies the purchase that was made, what item or seller. All we get now is total paid to eBay. Totally useless!

Reported By: BobNJ
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Smallseller Verified
October 08, 2020
  08:35 AM
I have noticed this as well. I think this a deliberate move to make ebay the online seller on record. To me this opens the door to chargebacks and if a seller disputes a chargeback, they have to pay for it. This should be a main topic in the blog.

Rstpete Verified
October 08, 2020
  08:53 AM
They are also not telling buyers that they are paying ebay not the seller and that we will not see any messages they include with their pay pal payments. 

smallstuff Verified
October 12, 2020
  00:29 AM
I've noticed this as well - although it seems to happen mostly when a coupon is involved in the payment.