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 September 24, 2020
  00:06 AM
FedEx Ground is no longer an option for the Global Shipping Program since the individual shipping program update. FedEx ground through eBay was traditionally cheaper.  I'm unsure whether it's because I deresgistered as a business account for MP.

Reported By: thriftyattireandstuff
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angryllama Verified
September 25, 2020
  04:45 AM
NOT saying you are Wrong, bu my own suspicion is that GREAT and OMNISCIENT EBAY A.I. has HIDDEN that FedEx rate as Computer Opinion is that FedEx Ground won't get your package to Erlanger in a timely fashion. EBAY Casually PRECHOOSING FAST Shipping

thriftyattireandstuff Verified
October 03, 2020
  00:21 AM
HERES SAYING YOU ARE A JACKASS.. and I hope Trump dies and you too anti-vaxxer I imagine.. I bet you are the original anti-masker. DIE IN A FIRE LLAMA.