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 September 19, 2020
  01:19 AM
Can't buy a shipping label.

We were not able to take the payment

I am on Managed Payments, use my own credit card via PayPal for 2% cashback.

5 minutes before I was able to buy a label on my other account, same set up.

Makes no sense. eBay....

Reported By: Actual Seller
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Silver Ice King Verified
September 19, 2020
  09:05 AM
Which is another reason i refuse to use Ebay for my shipping labels.  I left Ebay shipping when they refused to match the other companies 1st class rates on the first 4 ounces and have been a very happy camper ever since. You might try changing also.

Actual Seller Verified
September 19, 2020
  14:31 PM
Who is cheaper than $3.18 for 4oz to zone 9??? For me, eBay is often cheaper than Pirate on Priority because of my TRS Discount. For close zones.

Bill Verified
September 20, 2020
  00:21 AM
anyone who uses eBay for shipping is an idiot.