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 September 16, 2020
  13:29 PM
eBay Managed Payments charging "International Fee" for Puerto Rico.

I called, she told me it was "new rules", pointed me to page that did not state this, I argued, was put on hold 10min, she came back and said it was a glitch they are working on.

Reported By: Actual Seller
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Paul W Verified
September 17, 2020
  02:30 AM
I inquired.  Mentioned that PR is part of the USA, its residents are US citizens, and pay in USD, so why the FTF?  "I don't know" was the agent's response.

angryllama Verified
September 17, 2020
  11:01 AM
I'd like to hear from those who HAVE hit this as to whether the SALE was thru PayPal OR Mangled Payments. EASY for me to believe that it was thru MP as that whole thing seems to be a ClstrFK from start 2 finish. USPS&Customs treat PR as OverSeas.

Silver Ice King Verified
September 17, 2020
  13:16 PM
Still in Paypal and there is no international fees for selling or shipping to PR.  Just another money grab by Ebay as MP is not making the $ they want.

Actual Seller Verified
September 18, 2020
  17:26 PM
It is MP, it IS a current glitch, to vote it down because you don't understand or want to know more does not make it false. I was manually refunded the fees. Also got charged INTL for a shipment to CA. Broken system.