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 August 02, 2020
  12:39 PM
Woke up this morning to find we now had auto returns set to on in eBay. Something of course we never did, but magically showed up for us sometime between Friday evening and Sunday morning.

Reported By: Disgruntled_Seller
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COVID-19 Verified
August 02, 2020
  18:05 PM
eBay does so many offensive things: Putting "Best Offer" button on sellers' listings without their knowledge or consent, then "Free Shipping". Whenever eBay turns a setting to "On", it's never to sellers' benefit. It's like eBay hates its sellers.

Silver Ice King Verified
August 02, 2020
  23:29 PM
I am not having that problem but the way to fix it from happening again in the future is require a RMA number before they buyer can return anything.  This forces all returns to have been approved by the Seller.  The selection is in your Preferences.

Disgruntled_Seller Verified
August 03, 2020
  00:29 AM
Silver Ice King - actually that won't stop eBay from adding some miserable rule, which is what they did in this case. We had ours set for RMA required by seller and they added a rule into two of our three accounts.